Monday, June 30, 2014

How to color ♛ Hair Extensions

You may not know it, but hair extensions are everywhere we look. From celebrities to soccer moms...even mermaids are getting their lovely locks thicker and longer. A great way to start is with clip in extensions that requires no commitment and can be easily applied for a night out. 

Because I do many hairstyles that require thick hair I like to volumize my own hair with my colored extensions. Most people don't even realize when I do add in extensions because the colors blends so well. This video is going to show you how to color your own extensions at home using temporary vibrant shades. This is not how I would go about dying regular colors like blonde, brunettes, and reds. But rather how to achieve these colorful mermaid tones using the lightest set of blonde extensions from Luxury For Princess (use the code: ALEXSIS for a discount).

You can also ask your professional hair stylist to do this in the salon, but sometimes they would rather you do it yourself because it can be a risky business. I would recommend trying it out on one small clip in strand as a tester before tackling the entire set. See how it works out and if your formula is what you'd expect the results to be. Beware, you could possibly make a mistake in the exact shade you want, so please do a test strand.

What I used:
2cups water
2tbsp. Redken All Soft shampoo
2oz. Redken 20vol
1 scoop Redken Flash Lift Lightner
Scruples Urban Shock Temporary Color

Good luck loves, and have fun coloring your extensions my little mermaids!

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