Saturday, June 21, 2014

ColourPop Cosmetics Cream Shadow +Swatches

I've been noticing a few of the makeup artists I follow use this brand called ColourPop and hoped over to their website. Of corse I love everything brightly colored and super fun, so I fell instantly in love. They pride them selves on having a boldly pigmented shadow that won't blow a tire in your wallet, each shadow is priced at just $5. 

They sent me a package that as I opened I almost died. The box set up was so freaking cute I almost didn't want to try it and mess it up. But obviously something sent with this much love had to be amazing right? Excuse me while I freak out! I opened the slide on the box that held 6 colors that I picked out. 

Each shadow comes in a white durable plastic pot with a screw on lid. The lids have a clear window so you can easily see the color with the name of the shade pinted on the bottom. I like the packaging and since it's made from plastic it keeps the costs down from using something like a glass pot. The shadows are a long-wearing feathery cream base and can be used as is, or mixed with setting products like MAC's Fix+. The idea behind the formula was that you would not have to worry about fallout from traditional powder shadows because the product stays on the brush or lid. When you dip your brush into the product it is easily picked up and applied to your lids. With a blending brush I can glide the product like a dream and blend the shadow to diffuse out any lines. Using a flat brush that has dense bristles or even your fingers, you can pack the product for a deeper look. The closest thing I could compare this to would be the Stila foiled shadows, but it still has a very different texture. Their line has a number of finishes like neons, metallics, nudes, satins, and smokes.

Tassel- A bright true white shade with multi demensional highly reflective glitter.
Lovely- A soft gold with shimmering flecks of multi dimensional glitter.
Sequin- A coppery penny shade with silver and gold glitter.
On the Rocks- A vibrant true bronze with gold and violet glitter.
Desert- A warm saddle brown with a taupe satin finish.
Dare- A vibrant neon purple with violet and hot pink glitter.
Each shadow was perfectly pigmented and came together in a blended harmony. Whether your a makeup newby or work as a professional, these shadows will blow your mind. It won't be long before my collection of ColourPop exceeds normal standards...good shadows are worth the obsession!

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