Monday, May 5, 2014

theBalm: Nude 'tude Palette ❤ Review

theBalm Nude 'tude palette is a natural palette that contains 12 shadows in a slim vintage packaging and retails for $36. There are two versions of this palette, one being a "feeling naughty" with a sexy vintage pinup design, and the other being "feeling nice" with a classy vintage room layout. Both palettes contain the same shadows they just have different pictures. I purchased the naughty version because I'm simply in love with the adorable pinup design!

The packaging is a sturdy hard cardboard with a magnetic closer.  The magnet closer on my palette is very strong, I don't ever have to worry about it opening up when I don't want it to. The cardboard packaging isn't as protective as the tin packaging by Urban Decay or the new Too Faced palettes, but still a good design to keep the palette sleek and easy to travel with or to throw in your purse. 

The shadows themselves are a brilliant formula with a silky feel and easy blend ability. The pictures shown are in natural lighting with no primer, the pigmentation speaks for itself! Applying the matte formulas are so easy, and make this palette very valuable because it has everything needed to do a basic eye to the most dramatic dark smokey eye. The shadow shade range isn't something out of the box, its more of your classic gorgeous shades that totally entice someone like me who is addicted to neutral tones and browns. I like that they put warm and cool tones with a cute pink and yellow shadow which isn't seen in most brown tone palettes. 

My overall conclusion of the Nude 'tude palette is that I love the shades, formula, packaging, and quality. I would recommend this for anyone wanting a high quality palette. This easily has become a must have in my collection!

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