Friday, May 23, 2014

Sweet Smelling Fragrance

On my trip to Kauai we stopped at a small adorable shop called Cru. My cousin is friends with the shop owner and wanted us to meet her and her little gift boutique. Her whole store is sweet things like the favored Volcano candles, cute baby gifts, creative cards, origonal note pads, and more. I try to shop local or support small stores and products made in the USA as much as I can.

While browsing the hand balms and lotions I saw these to-die-for perfumes by Library of Flowers. They have such beautiful artistc glass bottles and are wrapped in a floral print, packaged in a floral box set into a small wooden case. I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging.  As I went along smelling each bottle I was plesently suprised by how delicious and fresh they were. I'm a picky perfume purchaser, but let me tell you I was a goner! 

I tested the scent Wildflower & Fern which is a quaint mix of English cucumber, Davana, and Honeysuckle. I personally like something on the lite side that reminds me of something I would encounter outside in a beautiful magical garden...could I have stumbled upon anything more perfect? The crowning perfume for the spring and summer months!

What fragrances will you be wearing this summer? Will it be a rich vanilla scent, or maybe a more masculine cologne, or perhaps a designer favorite? Let me know in the comments below❤️

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