Friday, May 30, 2014

LimeCrime Lipstick ⋆ Airbourne Unicorn ⋆ Review

LimeCrime cosmetics is a company designed to thrash the idea of "in the box" makeup standards. Enter the world of bright candy-licious lip colors like banana yellow, minty green, and pool blue. They also have some of the brightest and pigmented liquid liners, glitters, and nail polishes. If you like to play around with seemingly outrageous colors...LimeCrime is your makeup haven!

 I went to visit and test out the line at Nigel's Beauty in Los Angeles, I like swatching things a millions times until I buy it. Since my hair is a bright purple I've been wanting to wear a bold pastel purple shade which I normally would never pick. Makeup is all about breaking the shell and trying something new. So I got the shade Airborne Unicorn (18$).

This lipstick is a medium purple that has a creamy look with neon vibrancy. Sometimes these vibrant shades can be splotchy and not wear like they show in the tube*. Let me assure you that LimeCrime lipstick is so highly pigmented that it will blow your hair bows off!!! If you can get past how adorable the unicorn holographic packaging is and actually get into the tube you can see how well the shade is transferred onto the skin. The lipstick has a smooth creamy luxurious texture with opaque coverage and low sheen. I literally want to keep applying this to my lips because it feels so good and smells like MAC lipsticks with a sweet vanilla cake scent . The formula is perfectly hydrated to keep your lips feeling and looking good while still maintaining a long lasting lipstick.

Swatch from
I'm so in love with this lipstick and very impressed by the others I've swatched. There are more shades that I will be purchasing soon and can't wait to do a review on those as well!!! What daring color would you be inspired to wear?

(*When you wear bold colors like Airborne Unicorn, its important to know that if you have pigmented lips its a good idea to blank-out your natural color with a concealer or foundation. Whenever you put a color over another it can take away from the intended shade.) 

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