Thursday, April 24, 2014

theBalm Highlighters: Mary-Lou Manizer & Cindy-Lou Manizer

theBalm cosmetics has two highlighters that work great for light to medium skin tone; Mary-Lou Manizer and Cindy-Lou Manizer ($24). I love these products because they give you a luminous glow that casts more of a sheen and looks natural on your skin. Substantial amounts of sparkles and glitter becomes too much and the user ends up looking like Ke$ha!

The powder of both these highlighters so are beautifully pigmented needing a modest amount with a plus of lasting a great deal of time. They may also be used as eyeshadows and the wear time lasts for hours. I love knowing that I am spending money on something that is of exceptional quality and takes an eternity to "hit pan". The powder itself is smooth as silk, and very lightweight. My only concern is that because the powder is so soft it tends to break if you accidentally bump or drop it. Not something I would recommend to throw in your travel bag. Overall I'm in love with theBalms highlighters, check out the swatches and fall in love yourself!

The Mary-Lou shade is a honey-hued tone that works exceptionally for fair to medium skin toned gals as a highlighter, and great for a inner eye pop. Beware, this highlighter packs a punch so use lightly!

The Cindy-Lou is a multi-use shade and can act as a blush, highlighter, and shadow! I love this shade for summer days because the pinky peach tones add the perfect swatch of color to make your tan look even more delicious!

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