Friday, April 11, 2014

How to ➳ Depot Lipstick

When your lipsticks take up more space then you can really give them, or when you have too many lipsticks and can't see what shade they might be time to depot. Depotting your lipstick means taking it out of the tube and transferring it to a palette like this one pictured above. This DIY can be valued by any girl, whether your a makeup artist looking to put all your lipsticks in one place, or a lip junkie needing to downsize.

This tutorial is super easy to follow and the only thing you will probably need to get is the palette. I used a MAC 24 insert, but you can also use others. The tutorial is simple to follow and can make finding the perfect shade much easier. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and found a way to declutter your lipstick drawer!

You will need:
Any Lipstick
Metal Spatula
Metal Spoon
and a Candle

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