Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bohemian ✿ Spring Ponytail

Spring time makes me so happy. I though this bohemian inspired pony tail would be the perfect thing to wear this season and into summer time. Reminds me of Blake Lively's braiding hairstyles. A braided ponytail may look hard, but as long as you can braid it proves to be a easy and quick way to dress up your hair. No heat is required for this style, and it's great for second day wear! I encourage you to wear your natural texture...even more so if it's curly! 
I hope you enjoy the tutorial and don't forget to check out my Instagram page @alexsismae!


  1. Hi Alexsis! I love your videos. I am dancing hip hop and I'm looking for a zig-zg braid. I'm not sure where I've seen it before, but perhaps it's like some of what you illustrated in the bohemian tutorial. Do you have any ideas? Thanks ~Meri

  2. If you mean a Fishtale braid, I have a few tutorials showing the technique. Look at my hair page, and find the Fishtale tutorials!❤️


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