Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Favorites ✈ & Vacation Announcement

This month has been a fun time discovering brighter makeup products then I've ever used before. Because my hair is as vibrant as it gets, I've definitely reached outside my "comfort zone" into new waters. Most of my April Favorites are inspired by spring time and can easily transition into summer. Favorites list can be found here!

I'm so excited about going into May...and if you watch the video you will see my vacation announcement! I will be leaving next week on the 8th until the 18th of May. During the week of the 11th-17th I won't be blogging or posting videos. I will be taking a full week off. You can follow me on Instagram @alexsismae, my picture stream won't be lacking! But before you totally loose your mind ;), I will be vlogging my whole vacation and will upload a video when I get home! Can you guess where I'm going???

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color Review

This spring Milani came out with new lip products called the Lip Intence, which are liquid lip colors. These new lip products are applied with a doe foot applicator and have a creamy gloss texture. Each of the four shades are completely opaque and give you a gorgeous high shine with the lasting power of a lipstick.

For me a great lip color needs to meet 3 standards: convenient packaging, easy application, and a long wear time. The lip intense color can be seen on the outside of the tube, the sponge applicator makes for an easy swipe, and the lip color lasts for hours. This lip product is easily one of my favorites. If long wear lipstick and gloss had a baby...this would be it! 

Red Extream- A beautiful classic red.

Pink Rave- A vibrant cool toned pink.

Fiery Coral- A candy-like hot coral.

Violet Addict- A delicious vibrant violet.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

theBalm Highlighters: Mary-Lou Manizer & Cindy-Lou Manizer

theBalm cosmetics has two highlighters that work great for light to medium skin tone; Mary-Lou Manizer and Cindy-Lou Manizer ($24). I love these products because they give you a luminous glow that casts more of a sheen and looks natural on your skin. Substantial amounts of sparkles and glitter becomes too much and the user ends up looking like Ke$ha!

The powder of both these highlighters so are beautifully pigmented needing a modest amount with a plus of lasting a great deal of time. They may also be used as eyeshadows and the wear time lasts for hours. I love knowing that I am spending money on something that is of exceptional quality and takes an eternity to "hit pan". The powder itself is smooth as silk, and very lightweight. My only concern is that because the powder is so soft it tends to break if you accidentally bump or drop it. Not something I would recommend to throw in your travel bag. Overall I'm in love with theBalms highlighters, check out the swatches and fall in love yourself!

The Mary-Lou shade is a honey-hued tone that works exceptionally for fair to medium skin toned gals as a highlighter, and great for a inner eye pop. Beware, this highlighter packs a punch so use lightly!

The Cindy-Lou is a multi-use shade and can act as a blush, highlighter, and shadow! I love this shade for summer days because the pinky peach tones add the perfect swatch of color to make your tan look even more delicious!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I've been on a few shopping trips to refresh my spring wardrobe. I thought that instead of doing a boring video where I talk too much and you can't really see the potential style of each item, I'd do a haul look book video! Some of the things that will be shown have been part of my closet for a while, but the main focus for each outfit will be my new article of clothing. Hope you enjoy this quick styling lookbook of my new spring goodies!

Romper- Forever 21*
Necklace- Lucky Brand
Cuff- Twisted Silver
Black Wedges- Charlotte Russe

Romper- Boutique*
Coverup- Ross
Necklace- Twisted Silver
Combat Boots- Ross

Dress- Forever 21*
Necklace- Twisted Silver*
Cuff- Twisted Silver
Booties- Nordstrom Rack*

Crop Top- Forever 21*
Skirt- Express*
Necklace- Twisted Silver
Sandals- Boutique*

Top- Urban Outfitters*
Pants- Ross*
Necklace- Hollister*
Brown Wedges- Charlotte Russe

Top- Urban Outfitters*
Shorts- Old Navy*
Necklace- Twisted Silver
Sandals- Boutique*

Top- Hollister*
Shorts- Old Navy*
Necklace- Twisted Silver
Combat Boots- Ross

Longsleeve Top- Ross*
Coverup- Ross*
Shorts- Old Navy*
Belt- Lucky Brand
Necklace- Twisted Silver
Combat Boots- Ross

Longsleeve Top- Ross*
Shorts- Old Navy*
Belt- Lucky Brand
Necklace- Twisted Silver
Combat Boots- Ross

Top- Hollister*
Shorts- Old Navy*
Belt- Lucky Brand
Necklace- Twisted Silver*
Booties- Nordstrom Rack*

Crop Top- Boutique*
Flare Jeans- American Eagle
Belt- Lucky Brand
Necklace Combo- Twisted Silver
Brown Wedges- Charlotte Russe

Top- Nordstrom Rack*
Jeggings- American Eagle
Necklace- Lucky Brand
Cuff- Twisted Silver
Booties- Nordstrom Rack*

Top- Hollister*
Jeggings- American Eagle
Necklace- Twisted Silver*
Sandals- Charlotte Russe

(Items marked with a  *  are part of my spring hauls!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Doe Deere ❤ Easy Braided Bun

Doe Deere is the creator of colorful Limecrime Cosmetics. She has been a huge style and makeup inspiration to me since I colored my hair. I was going through her Instagram pictures and found this super cute braided bun updo that she posted and wanted to recreate the look. 

This is perfect for spring time and summer, when you want all your hair out of your face. Sometimes doing a regular pony tail and bun everyday can get boring, so change it up with something cute like this! Doe Deere's hairstyle is very easy to do on yourself, and perfect for days when you don't have a lot of time to style your hair! I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, and check out her Instagram here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Frankie Rose Lipstick Review & Swatches

When our team was at the Making the Cut 2014 competition a few weeks back, we were working on our models a lady brought a box of cosmetics in for the makeup artists and assistants. A makeup company named Frankie Rose Cosmetics sponsored the show and gave out some of their makeup line. A few of us girls picked out some goodies to take home. 

As I went through that makeup I got I saw how amazing the products were. Frankie Rose is sold at a few salons and cosmetic centers here in California, but I found with each swatch I did that this makeup will be popping up all around. There is such great quality that most makeup lines lack, the owner Sarah has created such an amazing luxurious product!

Today I'm going to review the lipsticks. Frankie Rose carries 12 beautiful lipsticks ($16). The formula of these lipsticks have a rich and intense pigmentation with a super moisturizing feel. When you put them on they feel like a hydrating swipe that goes on smooth and lasts for hours. Unlike other lipsticks that can dry out your lips, these are made with Jojoba and Canolin oils to seal in that moisture.

Bella Rose- matte medium neutral pink with no shine
Citrus- bright orange with a light sheen, but no glitter
Merlot- deepest red with a slight sheen, but no glitter

Each lippie swatched so well, I can't wait to try more of these lipsticks and hope to collect the entire line! You can find these at Frankie Rose Cosmetics website, be sure to check out the other makeup as well!

Friday, April 11, 2014

How to ➳ Depot Lipstick

When your lipsticks take up more space then you can really give them, or when you have too many lipsticks and can't see what shade they might be time to depot. Depotting your lipstick means taking it out of the tube and transferring it to a palette like this one pictured above. This DIY can be valued by any girl, whether your a makeup artist looking to put all your lipsticks in one place, or a lip junkie needing to downsize.

This tutorial is super easy to follow and the only thing you will probably need to get is the palette. I used a MAC 24 insert, but you can also use others. The tutorial is simple to follow and can make finding the perfect shade much easier. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and found a way to declutter your lipstick drawer!

You will need:
Any Lipstick
Metal Spatula
Metal Spoon
and a Candle

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bohemian ✿ Spring Ponytail

Spring time makes me so happy. I though this bohemian inspired pony tail would be the perfect thing to wear this season and into summer time. Reminds me of Blake Lively's braiding hairstyles. A braided ponytail may look hard, but as long as you can braid it proves to be a easy and quick way to dress up your hair. No heat is required for this style, and it's great for second day wear! I encourage you to wear your natural texture...even more so if it's curly! 
I hope you enjoy the tutorial and don't forget to check out my Instagram page @alexsismae!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Making the Cut 2014 VLOG

One of the stylist that I work with at the salon, Jason, entered the 2014 Competition of Making the Cut! This is a high fashion, high energy show that supports local stylist to become the winner and title holder of Top Hairstylist in Orange County. Sponsored by the well known Cristophe Salon, the top salon in Newport Beach.  With hundreds of entries, Jason got picked with 5 other stylist to compete in this years show!

This video is a collective picture/vlog of what it's like behind the scenes from the interview video, prep day, day of, on stage haircut, and runway show featuring each stylists creations. The judges score on things like originality, creativity, precision, energy, and presentation. I was so excited to help out during this experience and be able to take pictures during the process. Check out whats it's like to be a stylist, and how Jason put together a team of amazing stylists to create his vision of strong lines and eye-catching color!
Big Congratulations to Jason for winning runner-up!

March ★ Favorites

Talk about a busy couple weeks! The month of March came as quickly as it left, welcoming the spring weather and changing of the season. I admit that this is my favorite time of year. From spring to summer I am one happy camper, maybe because all the colors are so inspiring and bold. You can't be gloomy when your wearing bright pink lipstick and have purple hair ;)
This month I had several great favorites! Hopefully a few that you could possibly enjoy as well. Don't forget to check out the entire list on my Luvocracy site here. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

100% Pure Cosmetics Review

A while ago I received a few products from 100% Pure Cosmetics to review. This line is dedicated to providing the best developed technology with proven results using pure formulas. This means that they are 100% pure using no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents, or any other unhealthy toxins. They are also a company that loves animals of all kinds and is proud to present a product that is vegan! Meaning they don't use any animal products or test on animals. 

Sure they're are brands that claim the same key features, but tend to be few and far between or flat out don't work! I would have to argue that yes some products may not be what the high end stores offer, but you have to realize is the different ingredients used. They aren't like manmade base products. 

I was sent 3 products to review.
First is a vegetable pigmented liptint in the shade Coquette. The packaging is ultra sleek and cute, made from shiny metal with adorable etchings. This rich liptint has a creamy pigmented formula that also acts as a stain.  I love this shade for summer when my skin warms up, I think it will be the perfect pair!

Second is this brightening concealer made to hide dark circles and even-out the skin tone under your eyes. The packaging is a plastic tube with doe foot applicator, easy for working under the eyes. The shade I got is White Peach. It's not the most pigmented and concentrated under eye concealer, but it is very hydrating. I would have to say it would be best for light coverage usage.

Last is my favorite product, the Purity Acne Detox Facial Mask and Cleanser. I waited awhile to do this post because I wanted to use this for a significant time before sharing my thoughts. I added a shot of the back so you could see the list of ingredients. Things like organic aloe, coconut oil, red alge, kelp powder, organic green tea, tea tree oil, ect. Such amazing things for your skin. I can't put this product down! I've been using it once a week and have seen wonderful results without any problems with my sensitive skin! I will be doing a full video on how to do a mask at home coming soon!

 I hope this review wasn't too long! But that you got a quick overview and my thoughts on each thing. I can't wait to try out more from them, and will venture out into other skincare products from 100% Pure Cosmetics!

♥♥♥ All opinions are my own, and all products were purchased by myself unless otherwise noted. I will always share my honest opinion so that you know my opinion of products/methods. Love you XOXO, Alexsis♥♥♥

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