Thursday, March 20, 2014

Whitening Lightning Lighted Lipgloss ✤ Review

When I first saw these lip glosses I was drawn like a moth to a flame. Whitening Lightning Makes these unlike others because they feature two unique things, a mirror and LED light. That's right! You don't need to reach for your pocket mirror or open your car visor for the light, it's all built in. If that's not enough the creamy formula is one of the most luxurious gloss textures that I've used. The consistency is a super creamy smooth feel, and has a very impressive pigmentation. Unlike other glosses, the opaque shades deliver like a liquid lipstick. Check out the shades I got below.

Salmon- This gloss is a gorgeous spring creamy peach shade that has warm orange undertones. This is an opaque shade that transfers to a even lip color. 
Fiji- This Barbie doll shade is a vivid pink that can make any girl want to pop bubble gum and twirl their hair. The gloss is amazingly opaque and as bright as Nikki Minaj.
Nude- This gloss is the most perfect nude shade in my entire collection of nudes. The color is so opaque and flattering for every skin tone. I can tell this is already a staple for my collection!
Pink Frosting- This shade is the perfect combination of shimmery sparkles and baby pink. The gloss is transparent so you can wear by its self or layer over other glosses. 

If you haven't tried these glosses before I highly recommend these colors that I got. They retail for $38 and you can use the code ALEXSISDEAL to get 70% offsite wide, making them only $12! Pick up a few new glosses for spring and let me know what one you like best!

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