Wednesday, March 5, 2014

✹Kelly Osbourne Spiked Updo & DIY Spike Clips✹

I was going across my Instagram feed the other day and found a post on Kelly Osbourne's page of a gorgeous updo that had spikes in it. I screen shot a few pictures she posted so that I could replicate the look for you guys. This is a easy french braid, like we did as kids, with a few bad-girl accessories! I also incorporated my Luxury For Princess extensions which is great if your hair isn't long enough, or you want you bun to look larger. I used a 1 clip and two clip weft.
At the end of this video I also include a tutorial on how to make the spike clips that sit on the side of the head, and the single stud clips that were in the back. I bought the spikes and clips from Michael's in the Jewelry department, and the pin curl clips are from Sally's Beauty Supply. 
I hope you enjoy the tutorial, this has to be one of my favorite hair styles that I have recreated for you girls! Now if only I had pastel hair ;)

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