Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sexy Soft Wavy Curls ❤ & Accessories (Valentines Special)

Oh boy, here it comes again. You know the time of year that is so cheesy people give each other stuffed animals that are bigger then my entire body! Valentines Day can make you happy, sad, mad, or disgusted. Haha, I don't know what category I fall into. I like my husband to tell me he loves me and do something special because he wants to, not because the calendar says so. Whether your feelings are negative or positive towards this holiday, you can look super sexy doing whatever we find ourselves doing!
Honestly I feel prettiest when my hair is down, and this tutorial has been requested by a lot of you ladies! I also added in a few extra glamorous way to use cute accessories to enhance your regular hairstyle. 
I hope you have a wonderful V-Day!

Products Mentioned:
Paul Mitchell 1 1/2in Curling Iron

(The accessories in this video were sent to me to review from Tori Gollihugh, who works for Lilla Rose. I'm really loving the clips and headband, and will be doing a review on the items I received shortly!)

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