Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Textured French Braid ❅ Elsa's Hair from Disney's Frozen

   As winter sweeps over the United States sending temperatures into the negatives, it's only fitting for Disney to come out with their newest movie Frozen. This tale is about a princess who's icy powers kept her in solitude, and her estranged sister that helps the princess face her fears and allow love to concur a catastrophic event. 
   I really enjoyed watching this movie! I've been a Disney fan since I was a child, I'm twenty two now and still get excited when a cute princess movie comes out. My husband jokingly says he watches me turn into a little girl when I go to Disney World or watch these movies. 

Seeing Elsa magically transform into the gorgeous Ice Queen was so breathtaking... and of corse I instantly fell in love with Elsa's braided hairstyle. So this tutorial will be on how to get the Icy Braid with a few tricks on how to get volume that will stay in any hair texture. This is a second day hair look for me, great to wear the day after curls. It also requires no heat, unless you have super duper curly hair...then obviously a flat iron comes into play. If you would like another tutorial on her other hairstyle or makeup please let me know!

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  1. This is amazing. I bookmarked it. lol. Except, I wish I knew exactly how to do a regular french braid.. I will have to look that part up. I became confused when I saw you were grabbing your hair at the top. LOL.


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