Monday, January 20, 2014

IMATS 2014 Haul ✿ + Meet & Greet Pictures

Ever wanted to be in the same place with all your favorite YouTube makeup gurus? IMATS in Los Angeles is the place to go! Saturday the 18th I went to the 2014 show with the intension to meet all the gorgeous ladies I watch 
everyday on my computer screen. 
This show was so much fun, and something I hope to do every year! The IMATS are held in Pasadena at the convention center in one of their huge rooms. This show had around 100 booths with venders ranging from Makeup Geek to Lime Crime and much more. Like I said, my main objective was to meet other Youtube girls that I have become friends with as well as meet some of my favorite beauty girls. I'd say I defiantly met all my favorites and was able to take pictures with them. 
When you think about these girls you can't help but to see them as celebrities, so meeting them in person and being able to talk to them face to face was really nice. I spoke to Marlena for a minute and told her how she is inspiring me and that I did a review on her eyeshadows that she commented on and Marlena remembered me, which was super sweet. She is such a beautiful person inside and out, and I love how she shares her personal life with us and the things that she deals with. 
I also got to talk with Allison and Amanda for a minute. When I first asked to take a picture with Allison I was so excited I didn't even introduce myself (I tell you about this in my video). Epic fan girl moment, and I felt really silly afterwards. Luckily, Allison was walking around with Amanda when I asked to take a picture with Amanda so I apologized to Allison for being so silly. They were really sweet and down to earth. Obviously my hair isn't the typical braid you see, they told me how cute it was and asked me to tag them in the picture I posted so they could see my tutorial. I give them my blog card with the biggest smile ever, they are going to watch my tutorials!! Crossing fingers!
I had a blast at the IMATS, and got just a few goodies that I share with you in my video. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoy! 

What I got:
BH Cosmetics Blush Palette (click here for review)
Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Makeup Brush Kit in Blue-
•E05 - Eye Liner
•E30 - Pencil
•E40 - Tapered Blending
•E55 - Eye Shading
•E60 - Large Shader
•E65 - Small Angle
•E70 - Medium Angled Shading
•F30 - Large Powder
•F40 - Large Angled Contour
•F50 - Duo Fibre
•F60 - Foundation
•F70 - Concealer
Makeup Geek Soft Dome Brush
Makeup Geek Pigment- Insomnia

Above Left: Me on my way to LA. Right: Allison from MakeupByAlli
Below: Stephanie from SMLx0

Above Left: Jordan Chyanne Right: Melissa Parada
Above: Marlena from Makeup Geek
Above Left: Sarah from BeautyBuzzHub Right: Melissa Raymond
Below Left: Amanda Ensing Right: Taylor from BeeIsForBeeauty


  1. Looks like fun and you look so pretty ;)

    1. Thank you so much love bug!!! It was a blast, can't wait till next year!


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