Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to Keep Curls Fresh ♡ for Second Day Hair

Theres nothing worse then having to wake up early to style your hair each morning. Personally, I only like to wash my hair every two or three days. It's less work and better for your hair. My favorite way to wear my hair is in curls, and making it last longer then one day is necessary because washing and blowing out my hair takes long and can be damaging if you do it excessively. This easy trick lets me wear my curls for two to three days while still looking beautiful and not like Simba just got out of a wild Lion King cat fight! Meow!

Follow along my quick overnight tip to recycle your beautiful curls for multiple days. And remember, if your roots get a bit greasy just use your handy dandy dry shampoo in the morning to keep you and your hair going great!

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