Monday, January 27, 2014

☢ 15 Ways You're Damaging Your Hair! ☢

Let's talk about the health of your hair. How have you been treating it? If we gave it a check up what would we find? I know that I try to give my hair the best of care, after all I like having it look shiny as well as healthy. I'm pretty sure every girl wants that right? 
These are some problems that I have addressed in my personal hair care routine, and have helped to keep my hair long without the damaged dead feeling texture. Things we do every day can slowly add stress and may potentially harm our hair. Simple processes that you might not even think of! In this video I'll share with you 15 things that can damage your hair and easy ways to change or help it. I hope this can solve a few problems and make your hair 
smile and shine!


  1. OMG I was damaging my hair in so many ways that I wasn't even noticing! It's crazy! By the way, your hair is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    1. Now you know!!! Healthy hair is just a few steps away ;) Thank you so much!!!


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