Monday, September 30, 2013

Taylor Swift Side Swept Hairstlye

You may love her, you may hate her. But one thing you know about Taylor Swift is that her stylists know what they are doing! Looking up Taylor Swift on Pinterest brings up nothing but amazing hair and makeup styles that I could go on forever about!!! Seriously I have a bunch of ideas and inspiration from her natural but elegant makeup and her sassy curled hairstyles. This is my first tutorial that mimics a CMT hairstyle that she wore back in 2008. Her flirty curls play back into a side swept pony tail without any real definition that is perfect for this winter! Whether your going to prom or a fancy dinner with the girls, this hair style will win attention! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Birthday Hair! Party Curls♥

Today is a momentous occasion because it's my 22nd birthday!!! Can't believe I'm already 22, I would stay this old forever! If you follow my Facebook page or my Instagram you definitely already know about it because I pretty much scream it to you! Haha! Anyways, I though a really fun textured curl would be perfect for today! This is a super simple hair tutorial great for everyone who wants a big volumized curls that are a bit more messy then my everyday curls. Hope you enjoy!

My FAVORITE❤ Places to Shop

I like to post Outfit of the Days on my social networks of the clothes I wear along with shoes, handbags, and jewelry. One of my followers, Janet Richards, ask me "Where are good places you like to clothes shop? Since I've been a mom I've worn nothing but comfy clothes and now I want to start feeling like my old self again and need some pointers." Finding a good place to shop at reasonable prices can be challenging. When people ask me where I got something, most times I can tell them it was on sale. Like my Lucky dress that was originally $150 and I got on sale for $5, or my new red leather (real leather) jacket I got from Nordstrom's originally $250 that I got on sale for $119. I'm a girl who sees the potential in sale items so I'm coming home with 9 pieces instead of 1 or two. So where are a few places that I shop, and a few pointers on when I shop? 

I'm a thrifty shopper, so when it comes to tops I like to find deal and sales. I shop around and wait for things to go on sale. I like a number of places like Target, H&M, Forever 21, Hollister, and Altar'd State. All these places always have sales, and I can walk  towards the back and find the sale rack with cute clothes. 
You can never go wrong with Marshalls! I love shopping there because most shirts are $7-15 and I can leave with a big bag full of new tops that make me smile. I try not to spend more then $20 on a top because they are more interchangeable then other parts of your wardrobe. And if your a girl on a budget and need to stretch your wallet, or just love deals, Marshalls is my favorite!❤

Honestly, I pick up jackets where I find a cute one. Most of the time I go for nicer places like Nordstomes and Express because I need a jacket I can depend on. The best time to go is when Christmas is over and some time in March when they are getting ready for spring and need to sell the winter clothing. 

I have to say I shop around for pants. I actually find some great pants from Hollister when they go on sale. I used to work there so I know that a pair of olive green skinny jeans that start out at $50 can go on sale to $7 or $9. So when I go to Hollister I always go to the girls side, all the way to the back, because that is always where the sale clothes are. I also find tons of cute tops on sale there, can't help it but I really love Hollister, haha! 
A pair of jeans that fits like a glove to hug your curves and fit your waist and thighs perfectly...does that exist? The kind that answered my jean problems comes from Lucky Brand. I will pay a big price for jeans that fit and can last me for a long time, and Lucky makes jeans designed for every girls body type. Because we are all different, they have made a jean for each girl with different names. I wear the Sweet N Low that is made for a curvy body in the boot cut style. They are beautiful quality and the customer service is great because they can look at you and know what will work best. The other place I can depend on to give me a good pair of jeans is American Eagle. I can't always work in every style, but I usually don't have to hard of a job and their jeans are super trendy and you can get a good deal when they have sales!

I'm a huge fan of local boutiques. They carry super cute clothes that are usually less then places like Macy's but are better quality then Forever 21. Most of my clothes comes from my local boutiques back in the south, us girls from the salon went there probably twice a week just to see what they got in. And you can usually follow their Instagram or Facebook page to see new items and sale alerts!

I tend to buy new shoes each year because I'm always either wearing them into the ground or going for a new style. I love buying from Charlotte Russe because they always have cute and outgoing shoes that
are in style and run promotions like buy one get one for $15. Their prices are always great and I like that they carry even more of a selection online. I bought a few pairs of boots from CR two years ago and girls ask all the time where I bought them. The shoes I wear more tend to last me about a year and a half, the ones I don't wear every day like heels last me at least three years.
Another great place for shoes is Just Fab.  First time users always get a pair free or their order is super discounted. I love their selection because it looks trendy and expensive but they price all their shoes at $39.95! I can't wait to order my fall boots from them, I'm getting the Ilsa in brown or black and the Bryce in brown.

Sometimes I pick up something I see in a store, but most of the times I'm shopping for accessories on Instagram. Pretty funny, but I love seeing girls representing their favorite jewelry and finding out where they purchased it from. I get my urban more unusual pieces from Twisted Silver. They sell gorgeous jewelry that is very unique and can be found on celebrities and actresses like Malese Jow who plays Anna on The Vampire Diaries. I real love their idea behind the design because you can wear most items multiple ways with a t-shirt or fancy dress. Another favorite place is Benevolent Jewels. Michelle (founder) picks a variety of vintage jewelry designs that are absolutely adorable and extremely current. I love the big chunky necklaces that she sells.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Liquid to Powder by L'Oreal

Normal people drink coffee and look at newspapers or watch television in the morning. I like to sit in my bed all snuggled up with my rottweiler and watch YouTube videos. That's what you do as a beauty connoisseur. You find out whats new and how/if it works and new techniques that can better your artistry. Learning is an ever going process in the world of beauty, maybe thats why I like it so much! Not to mention adding to the list of products you want to purchase! 
I've seen a few girls I watch regularly try out and review the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid to Powder foundation. With mixed thoughts on its watery formula that magically turns to powder…I had to try it!

The Liquid Powder comes in 12 shades ranging from a cool fair tone to a warm dark, I'm shade 326 True Beige ($13 0.91fl. oz). This lightweight formula promises an "un-makup" look that finishes like bare skin as it transforms from a viscous liquid into a soft powder. It also has 18spf which seems great for the girl who doesn't need all the steps of foundation or that doesn't have to time/need for a full face of coverage.Here are my pros/cons upon trying this:

-is really lightweight
-great for a sheer to light buildable coverage
-blends out nicely
-has a satin/matte finish
-great for normal/oily skin
-evens skin tone

-probably not good for dry skin, can cause skin to look flaky
-super oily skin can break down the foundation
-is a bit tricky to work with the extremely thin constancy
-easy to spill (don't use over nice clothes), packaging isn't practical
-such a small amount of product for its $$$
-isn't recommended for a brush or sponge, you have to use your fingers
-broke my skin out really bad!

 I wish it didn't make my skin break out as bad as it did but I can't control that, I really liked the natural coverage it gives for everyday wear. Now would and who would I recommend this foundation to? I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with acne prone skin, because I know a foundation can be great but some skin will not work with it. Or someone with dry skin because it turns into a powder that rubber over dry skin can make it look flaky and flat. I would recommend it to girls that are just getting into makeup with  normal to combination skin who need a natural finish, or girls who like a natural finish to their face makeup like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. But still, not my favorite.
Have you tried this foundation before? How do you like/dislike it?
Bare skin
Applied 1 layer of foundation

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blake Lively Braided Hair Updo

Blake Lively is that girl next door everyone always talks about. Her simple style plays with a sporty edge mixed with sexy-but-soft creates such a sweet and cute look. I love the clothes she wears, the makeup she is done up with, and the hair styles she wears. What can I say, she looks like a California Girl and that's right up my alley! This hairstyle is my take to one worn by Blake at an event, great for medium to long hair. I hope you enjoy this hairstyle as much as I do!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Boy to Man

There is a time in every young boys life that they face, a time to cut their long lovely locks that cover their face. Haha, I tell kids that it's time for a "big boy" hair cut! You know what I mean, long hair is a kids style. Maybe not for the grunge guys, but that's besides the point. My brother River asked me to cut his hair and even buzz the sides. We went for a bit longer approach and did this really fun haircut, I feel like he grew 5 inches! Haha. I love encouraging guys to transition into adulthood with a kick but haircut that boosts confidence and makes the girls go crazy lol! What kind of haircuts do you like to see on guys?

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Simple Hair Care Routine

This is a quick informative video of my hair care routine (requested by a few of my subbies) and the current products I use to make my hair happy and healthy. This is not formulated to work for everybody due to the obvious fact that I have different texture and destiny than you may have. But never the less the product lines I use have a variety of categories that can work for your hair and treat any challenges you might be having. Over time my hair does require different products and I change my routine accordingly. I do use all professional products that can be quite expensive, but I believe in quality hair care and know that they will best treat my hair and that I receive the best ingredients in the formulas. I hope you enjoy and please ask any questions or comment with any input you may have!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Benevolent Jewels

How amazing is this necklace! I've seen them on pinterest and had been searching for one online when I came across an adorable online boutique made by a woman on a mission. She made the online shop to help spread awareness and to help others! The store allows customers to purchase and wear stylish, affordable jewels in order to donate towards a cause. At the end of three months, 20% of her profits will be donated to a philanthropic organization. Currently we are helping to get homeless dogs and unwanted animals into better conditions in the Houston area. 
I love that I can represent a store with such an amazing mission! Gorgeous jewelry with the pursuit to help organizations while looking like a star. Check out her shop and get your chunky necklaces along with other fun jewelry! You can use my code ASCODE20 and receive 20% off your purchase!

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