Friday, March 29, 2013

Purple Pastel Easter Eyeshadow

This weekend is time to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. I'm so thankful to be able to celebrate my saviors sacrifice and love He showed the world.
My family always goes to an Easter church Service, then a family brunch. So here is an eyeshadow perfect for all the pastel colors that are popular this spring to enjoy your Sunday! 
Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

50 Questions Tag Video

Just decided to do a video on random questions because it looked like fun, and you can get to know me...if you wanted to. Lol. I'm a bit goofy and don't mind making people laugh at my own expense...and if you are going to send hate comments that's fine because you still watched my video...BAHAHAHHAHA! 
No really...this is me and I love being me :)

13 Spring Fashion Trends

Every year there is something new to trend, spring sets us off into a whole new world of fashion. Although, I would have to say that this year is a mixture of worn flashbacks with a new flare or twist. I put together a few pictures of what the fashion magazines have seen on the runway and Celebrities!
When you shop for your spring wardrobe keep these ideas in little trend setters!
Bright printed dresses
Fun and Flirty Flats
Fabric Cutouts
Side Satchel Handbags
Layered Statement Necklaces
Printed Denim Cutoffs
Flouncy Flowing Skirts
Straw Hats
 Printed Leggings
Graphic T's and Tanks
Global Exotic Prints
Striped Patterns
Bright Jackets

Monday, March 25, 2013

Top Knot Bun Tutorial

Does the sock bun confuse and frustrate you? I know it was a challenge for me to get it to look perfect. So if your not an expert at styling your own hair this is a much simpler version to get that top knot look, especially if you have LAYERED hair. Believe me...this is about as easy as it gets! I posted a picture of this on my instagram and you guys voted for me to show you this style, so I hope you enjoy!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hayden Panettiere French-Fishtale Updo Featured on the show Nashville

Thank you Marie for this request on Hayden's hair style she rocked in an episode of Nashville! This is a french-fishtale updo with a cute poof in front, perfect for second day hair or any day hair! Get ready for your arms to tuck out though...this is a hairstyle for an accomplished fishtale braider! You only need a few bobby pins and a small hair elastic, get braiding! Let me know how you like it!!!!!


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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Favorite Drugstore Foundation

Trying to find a foundation can be like getting your teeth pulled! Especially when your shopping for drugstore products, because unlike cosmetic stores they don't have anyone there to help you find the right ones or give their opinions on products. Then there are multiple formulas, consistencies, and coverage. Sounds like a really fun time buying something that I probably wont like!

After looking up milultiple sorces I wanted to find a foundation to try out, I'm tanning right now and I think it's useless to purchace a $30 color that will only match for a short while. Upon looking I found high reviews for Revlon's Color Stay liquid foundation.

I can honestly say that I really enjoy using this foundation! It's medium-full coverage with a lightweight feel that lasts all day under harsh lights and the heat of blowdryers! There are two different formulas: dry to normal skin, oily to combination skin. I have oily skin so I chose the one to combat oil absobrtion and shine control, and it does a wonderful job! If you have seen my previous posts I was using Cliniques Stay Matte foundation ($25+)...I believe I like this Revlon even better! It's not thick so my skin looks natural, and they have a great range in colors and tones, so I could match mine perfectly!

Have you used this product? What other drugstore foundations have you tried out and loved?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Salon: Harlem Shake

Oh yes we did.
 After all the hilarious videos we've seen posted to youtube, we decided it was time for our salon to try out the famous Harlem Shake. Let me know what you think ;)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Gathered Fish-tale Braid

How cute is this braid? Inspired by the fish-tale braid...we changed the look up by creating gathered parts of the tail. Using clear rubber bands we break up the braid and make an entirely new one! I promise this is super easy and can be used for multiple occasions.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Makeup Organization

My Makeup Organizer
As a beauty blogger you tend to collect quite a assortment of products. But even before I started my blog as I went into a store and all the beautiful colors, textures, brands, and bottles stood out like beautiful incising candy. If you like makeup you know exactly what I'm talking about. You might have multiple eye-shadows...but that palette over there is absolutely stunning. You might have 9 shades of nude lip stick but not in that exact shade. You might have 3 different bronzers but the one your looking at has gold reflective in the powder. Yeah, I'm not the only one. So after all that cumulation your makeup bag tends to get a bit on the gorged side. If I tried to fit all my makeup into one bag it would be 20 months pregnant! You can't find anything and it get's messy!

There are many expensive way to get organized. The acrylic makeup organizer became popular after seen on the Kardashian show. But lets face it, I don't want to spend a whopping $190+ on an acrylic case. So in steps the amazing world of Target! I found these teal desk organizers which were precisely what I need for storage. I got two square pen holders which I use for brushes($2.75), one rectangular organizer that I use for lipsticks and tweezer like tools($3.48), one file holder that my big palettes go in($3.35), and two of the clear faced drawer units($9.99). Which is all on clearance right now, purchased total is $32.33! Oh...and I couldn't pass up the ceramic Hello Kitty holder($9.99)! 
Brush Holders

Holds Lipstick, tweezers, eyelash-curler, brush cleanser...
Paletts & Mirror
Hello Kitty holder, and I also have this q-tip holder from Hobby Lobby

So if you're in the need to organize your makeup, don't spend a crazy amount of money because you can do it just like this and it's very easy and affordable!


I'm so thankful for all your support and inspiration for my beauty blog and youtube channel! I couldn't do any of this without you guys! 
So to give back I'm doing a jewelry giveaway!
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sarahs Wedding

Being a Wedding Specialist is such an amazing experience! To be apart of someones love story, and being able to make them feel like a princess is what I believe to be the best part of my job. Today I want to share with you Sarah's wedding pictures, which was back in November. 

Sarah explained that she wanted a loose hairstyle that would show off the back keyhole in her lace dress, as well as stay up while she danced at the reception.  So I styled her hair into a side swept curled bun, which complimented her dress with class. As for the makeup, we went with a clean and elegant bridal look which enhances Sarah's beauty.

Isn't she a would never guess that she and her husband both serve in the military!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Favorite Jeggings

Over this winter I have tried a few different jeggings. I'm all about comfort, versatility, and longevity when it comes to my jeans. Unfortunately most jeggings fall short in the longevity category, mostly because they are made with too much elastic stretch that it's hard to make them last! 
When it comes to my jean's I'm typically a Lucky Brand girl...I know they are $$$ but they fit my curves! I didn't really like their choice in jegg's this year though, so I tried out American Eagle. I'm so happy to say that the dark wash jeggings I purchased are comfortable, versatile, and are keeping up with my wear and tear! I got the ones pictured and couldn't be happier! So if you're in need of some cute jegg's, check out American Eagle's selections!

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