Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Best Friends Wedding ♥ Cassie Ashbey

Someone who can change your life and point of view only happens once in a very blue moon. A person you can depend on and know that they will always be there for you through the thick and thin, tell you the honest truth, and that you feel completely comfortable with no matter how silly or stupid you act. 

Back in August I got to watch my best friend marry the love of her life. I can't say enough about this incredible woman. I met Cassie in Cosmetology school and didn't think I really liked her at first. She started hanging out with our group and quickly became someone I got very close to, love it when life surprises you like that.  Most times I have girl friends but I don't have best friends, I'm not comfortable with some girls because let's face it we can be pretty crazy. Haha! You know what I'm talking about. As we began our friendship I noticed how much I enjoyed her company and was accepted into the Fritts family as another "sister." She is now my absolute best friend, one who I can ask or tell anything to and know she will respond with sincere honesty and love. I don't know what I would do without her in my life, even though we live 2,000 miles apart I can still depend on her for anything. 

Watching your best friend get married is such a mix of emotions. I'm so glad to leave her with a man that is dependable and will treat her the way a princess should, every girl should have that. But I knew that her wedding day was the last I would see of her. Cassie lived in Tennessee and I live in California now, I had to fly home the next day not knowing when I would see my best friend again. Leaving that night was such a hard thing, but I'm thankful I got to leave on such good terms and see how happy she is with her husband. Parting is such sweet sorrow.  

As I was saying, back in August of this year I got to watch her marry Rex Ashbey. Her wedding was out in a beautiful garden setting with pink everywhere. Let me tell you, THIS GIRL LOVES PINK! If it's not in her hair…it's somewhere. We jokingly call her our barbie doll. Her and Rex had a beautiful ceremony filled with all their closest family and friends. The location of this wedding was magical, just look at the pictures!

I love my best friend to the stars and back, and I'm so excited to share her wedding pictures with you. I styled her hair into a half-up half-down look with sexy curls and volume. Cassie has been growing her hair out for a while, but it wasn't quiet long enough for her so we added a few rows of clip in extensions.  This is a good option to add length and volume on your wedding day without any longterm commitment. I used a one inch curling iron and set her hair before doing her makeup. This ensures that her curls will last throughout the night, oh and did I mention that it was around 100 degrees that day? Thank goodness for preplanning her hair and makeup! Holy cow it was so humid and sticky-hot. Anyways, Her makeup was done more on the natural side since she isn't a full face makeup person normally. A good rule is to stay close to what you do on a daily biases, this will make you much happier and not feel like you've overdone it on your wedding day. Cassie looked absolutely beautiful and had an amazing day! Thank you bestie for letting me spend your special day with you!

Above is a picture with her sisters and husband.

 I also did one of her sisters hair in this gorgeous curled updo with a braid on the top.

And they lived, Happily Ever After...

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