Monday, November 4, 2013

Picture Frame DIY Jewelry Display

Since becoming a Twisted Silver Jewelry stylist I've needed to come up with easy ways to store or show my jewelry that way it's not sitting in a box getting tangle and forgotten. I've posted two other ways to do a DIY Jewelry holder, the Window Display and the Tea Cup & Plate Display, going along with that fun idea to show off my gorgeous pieces! I've made this one using picture frames! Follow along this DIY and make your own!

         You will need:
  • picture frames
  • spray paint
  • a marker
  • scissors
  • cotton backing
  • fabric
  • a hot glue gun
  • T pints
  • jewelry
  • nails
  • hammer
(Most things can found at your local Thrift store and Target.)

1.) Take the glass and back part of the picture frame off , you won't need the glass so you can dispose of that. Put the back part of the frame to the side.
2.) Lay the frames out with the front facing upwards.
3.)Spray your frame with two or three coats or paint, with your choice of spray paint.  (Makeup sure you put something under your frames so you don't paint the ground! I used an old cardboard box.)

 Starting on the fabric part

4.)  Take the back from your frame, we will use this to measure.
5.) Lay down your cotton backing, I doubled mine up to make it thicker. 
6.) Place the frame back on top of the cotton and trace around it.

 7.) Cut out the cotton using your markings as your guide.

8.) Using a hot glue gun, glue a line across the top part of the frame back. (Make sure you glue to the side that is visible in the frame.)
9.) Lay your cotton backing on top. Then glue the other side so it stays put.

10.) Lay out the fabric, and place the frame back on top. 
11.) Trace a guide leaving enough room to wrap the edges, about one inch outside of the frame.

12.) Cut the fabric.
13.) Layer so the fabric is on the bottom, cotton backing sandwiched between, and the frame on the top .
14.) Push down on the frame back and place a line of glue close to the side of the frame.
15.) Wrap the fabric around and on to the glue. If your using your fingers to push the fabric on the glue be careful, IT'S HOT!!!
16.) Glue all the sides.

17.) Cut off any excess fabric and glue corners down.
18.) Now your left with this cute little pillow. Place the frame backing into the frame.

18.) Using T pins, pin into the frame and hang your jewelry.
19.) Get your hammer and nails and hang on the wall.

I hope you guys enjoyed this pictorial and have fun making your Picture Frame Jewelry Display pieces!  Check out my other jewelry holding designs linked above.

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