Monday, November 4, 2013

My Halloween Zombie Look

I don't post videos on how to do theatrical halloween makeup because I know people who specialize in that artistry, and that's not what my channel is about. I try to stick to what I'm really good at. You know me as your natural makeup and hair girl, but I do like to get creative every once in a while. What better excuse then halloween? 
This halloween I planned on being a broken china doll… unfortunately the zipper to the dress I was wearing was really old and broken. Not letting that get me down, I improvised and went as a zombie. I had watched a few tutorials that inspired my look as well as the TV show The Walking Dead. Since I have a makeup kit, this was a surprisingly fun and easy process that took about an hour. Using eyelash glue and tissue, this look came to life…haha or undead? I made the blood from chocolate syrup, corn syrup, and red food coloring. Since my makeup was quite realistic I scared a few kids and awed a few adults. Overall it was a successful trick or treating night with friends and family. Yes I'm 22 years old and still trick or treat. Who wouldn't want free candy? What did you dress us as this halloween?

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