Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BIG Huge❤Glamorous Bun

Wait till you hear the intro to this video…it's too funny! I hope you know what song I got that from, hehehe.
Anyways. I posted a picture of myself with a very LARGE bun on my Instagram and got awesome feedback from you guys, so I thought I'd show you lovelies how to achieve this for fall. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewiit, and Kate Beckinsale can be found wearing this style at special occasions with glamorous dresses, or paired with a blazer jacket and plain t-shirt. l personally love wearing this with big earrings and a fun scarf, perfect for fall time or when your on second/third day hair and need a quick style. Instead of a perfect sock bun, this is a super messy large and in charge bun that is inspired by the old fashioned bee hives. 

Just a tip, you don't have to wash or blow out your hair for this style, dirty hair works as good or better. Even if it's curled, flat ironed, or crazy. 

Let me know what you think, and as always I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

You will need:
a hair tie
soft or teasing brush

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