Monday, November 25, 2013

Sephora VIB Haul + Ulta ♥ HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS!

Thanks to my blog and youtube channel, I get a few bucks every month that go's towards purchasing my new makeup. This makeup goes towards my own collection as well as my professional makeup kit. I wanted to share with you my recent hauls so you can see what I got from my wish list, these make great gifts as well as the perfect thing to add to your Christmas list! Santa gives makeup too! 
The first store is Ulta. Where I got my real techniques brushes, Benefit Show me the Love tin, and the Lorac Rockin Red Hot pro palette bundle. The second is my haul from the Sehpora VIB sale where I got the Kat Von D Spell Binding Eyeshadow book, Stila In the Know Palette, Stila In the Light Palette, and the Sephora Travel Blow Dryer in pink.
I hope you can find a few ideas to help out your christmas shopping! Thank you for watching and let me know if you've bought any of these babies and how you like them! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Makeup❤Bronze/Brown Smokey Eyeshadow (Full Face)

Everyone is getting ready for the holidays that are sneaking up on us. Seems like this year it's bit everyone in the tail because we didn't realize it was here so fast! Let the parties, family time, and festivities begin. 
This tutorial will get your makeup ready for the pictures and have you looking like a glamorous package of holiday cheer! I used the Lorac Pro palette for the first time on video, I hope this can simplify the eye look instead of using multiple shadows & palettes. This is a great palette to have for beginners and expert makeup artists because of the selection and quality of shadows. 
Hope you enjoy the tutorial and don't forget to give everyone a hug this holiday season!

Products List Used:
Benefit Porefessional
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation NC20
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer Fair/Light
Laura Mercier Universal Setting Powder
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Milani Brow Pen Natural Taupe
Anastasia Pro Brow Palette Taupe
Bonnebell Clear Mascara
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Painpot Painterly
NYX Pencil Milk
Lorac Pro Palette-
Cream, Mauve, Gold, Pewter, Lt. Bronze, Nude, Cream
Sprinkles Liquid Sugar
Sprinkles Gold Glitter
Benefit Watts Up
Milani Blush Luminoso
Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzer At Goldcombe Bay
Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighter Sea of Showers
NYX Lip Butter Maple Blondie

My blog website is no longer called To Die For, I'm giving my blog and social networks a makeover this week! My new address is ! Don't worry, everything is the same except I bought my own domain name (which means I bought a url address and will no longer be using the free one from giving me a new url! Everything on the blog cosmetically is the same right now, my friend Hannah from BeautyChats is designing me a new layout and custom blog face. Hopefully to be switched over this week or next. I'm changing the look to be more professional and cohesive, so instead of having to look for multiple names, its simply AlexsisMae! Can't wait to share it with you!  So exciting!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hunger Games Catching Fire ❤PRIM❤

This is my second look from the Hunger Games Catching Fire movie, featuring Prim Everdeens wrap around lace braid hairstyle seen in the new movie. I hope you enjoy! 

Don't forget to check out Katniss hair and makeup style HERE!

Hunger Games Catching Fire ❤KATNISS❤

Most of you probably don't know that when I get a small window of time to myself you can find me huddled in a warm place with my nose in a book. I love reading probably as much as Bell from Beauty and the Beast. When I find a good read I can be lost in another world of cowboys fighting indians on the wild frontier, sniffing around with the search and rescue dog's looking for a lost little boy, or defying a capital that makes the 12 districts send kids to fight till their death. Reading can transport you to another time and place, where an imaginary world comes to life in your hands. 
On November 22nd, one of my favorite books will be coming to the big screen. I know you've already guessed it right?  The Hunger Games Catching Fire, which tells the second story of a girl name Katniss and how she is forced for a second time into a world of fighting for survival. 
My tutorial this week is three ways you can go to the see the Catching Fire movie in style! First is how to do the makeup Katniss wears in the movie, second is the matching hair 
style, and third is how to get Prim's wrap around lace braid. 
I hope you guys enjoy my take on this look!

MAC prolong wear foundation
Maybelline instant age rewind concealer
Rimmel stay matte powder
NYX blush in peach
Makeup Forever highlighter in shade 3
Urban Decay primer potion
MAC paint pot in painterly
NYX jumbo pencil in milk
Shadow Shields
Manley Makeup palette red shadows
Manley Makeup palette vanilla shadow
Avon white shimmer shadow (old)
Lorac front of the line liquid liner
Manley Makeup palette matte white
Manley Makeup palette matte black
TIGI highlight champagne
Red Cherry lashes #46
rouge Bunny Rouge mascara
Anastasia Pro Brow palette
Bonnebell clear mascara
NYX Butter Gloss in tiramisu
TIGI highlight champagne


Monday, November 11, 2013

November Sales at Ulta Beauty!

Every once and a while Ulta hosts a great sale for your drugstore products. The month of November (11-10-13 through 11-30-13) has a long list of my favorite drugstore product for sale, this month the promotion is buy 1 get one 50% off! I try to take advantage of this deal for my more expensive items like foundation, brushes, lashes, makeup kit products, and anything I feel I buy often. If you shop and have a points card at Ulta you should also get the coupon in the mail on the back of your add catalogue that is $3.50 off of a $10 or more item that you can use along with your deal items! 
This month I took advantage of purchasing a few Real Technique makeup brushes. A handful of my favorite makeup gurus use and swear by these brushes. Since most of my brush collection is MAC and Sephora Pro brushes I thought I'd see how these stack up to the more "high end brushes." I took home the stippling brush, setting brush, blush brush, and starter eye kit that is a set of 5. They are a beautiful designed brush made with synthetic bristles and lightweight aluminum handles. I love the bristles in this line because they are soft but still sturdy. I wasn't disappointed in the quality, actually I'm quite surprised. Not all the way up to the standards of my Sephora Pro, I feel like those brushes are such amazing quality, but a wonderful contester for a permanent place in my daily brush collection and a must have. 
There are a bunch of other goodies you can get at the November Ulta sale, here is a list of makeup you can get buy one get one for 50% off:

  • ECO Tools
  • Real Techniques
  • NYX
  • Ulta Cosmetics
  • Jane
  • Revlon
  • Eylure
  • L'Oreal
  • Physicians Formula 
  • Almay
  • Covergirl
  • Kardashian
  • Maybelline
  • Cosmetic Bags and Cabootles 
Don't forget to use the coupons on the back of the ad catalogue! Have fun shopping and if you like to use the Real Tecknique brushes let me know what your favorites are!!! Enjoy November my loves!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BIG Huge❤Glamorous Bun

Wait till you hear the intro to this video…it's too funny! I hope you know what song I got that from, hehehe.
Anyways. I posted a picture of myself with a very LARGE bun on my Instagram and got awesome feedback from you guys, so I thought I'd show you lovelies how to achieve this for fall. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewiit, and Kate Beckinsale can be found wearing this style at special occasions with glamorous dresses, or paired with a blazer jacket and plain t-shirt. l personally love wearing this with big earrings and a fun scarf, perfect for fall time or when your on second/third day hair and need a quick style. Instead of a perfect sock bun, this is a super messy large and in charge bun that is inspired by the old fashioned bee hives. 

Just a tip, you don't have to wash or blow out your hair for this style, dirty hair works as good or better. Even if it's curled, flat ironed, or crazy. 

Let me know what you think, and as always I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

You will need:
a hair tie
soft or teasing brush

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Halloween Zombie Look

I don't post videos on how to do theatrical halloween makeup because I know people who specialize in that artistry, and that's not what my channel is about. I try to stick to what I'm really good at. You know me as your natural makeup and hair girl, but I do like to get creative every once in a while. What better excuse then halloween? 
This halloween I planned on being a broken china doll… unfortunately the zipper to the dress I was wearing was really old and broken. Not letting that get me down, I improvised and went as a zombie. I had watched a few tutorials that inspired my look as well as the TV show The Walking Dead. Since I have a makeup kit, this was a surprisingly fun and easy process that took about an hour. Using eyelash glue and tissue, this look came to life…haha or undead? I made the blood from chocolate syrup, corn syrup, and red food coloring. Since my makeup was quite realistic I scared a few kids and awed a few adults. Overall it was a successful trick or treating night with friends and family. Yes I'm 22 years old and still trick or treat. Who wouldn't want free candy? What did you dress us as this halloween?

Picture Frame DIY Jewelry Display

Since becoming a Twisted Silver Jewelry stylist I've needed to come up with easy ways to store or show my jewelry that way it's not sitting in a box getting tangle and forgotten. I've posted two other ways to do a DIY Jewelry holder, the Window Display and the Tea Cup & Plate Display, going along with that fun idea to show off my gorgeous pieces! I've made this one using picture frames! Follow along this DIY and make your own!

         You will need:
  • picture frames
  • spray paint
  • a marker
  • scissors
  • cotton backing
  • fabric
  • a hot glue gun
  • T pints
  • jewelry
  • nails
  • hammer
(Most things can found at your local Thrift store and Target.)

1.) Take the glass and back part of the picture frame off , you won't need the glass so you can dispose of that. Put the back part of the frame to the side.
2.) Lay the frames out with the front facing upwards.
3.)Spray your frame with two or three coats or paint, with your choice of spray paint.  (Makeup sure you put something under your frames so you don't paint the ground! I used an old cardboard box.)

 Starting on the fabric part

4.)  Take the back from your frame, we will use this to measure.
5.) Lay down your cotton backing, I doubled mine up to make it thicker. 
6.) Place the frame back on top of the cotton and trace around it.

 7.) Cut out the cotton using your markings as your guide.

8.) Using a hot glue gun, glue a line across the top part of the frame back. (Make sure you glue to the side that is visible in the frame.)
9.) Lay your cotton backing on top. Then glue the other side so it stays put.

10.) Lay out the fabric, and place the frame back on top. 
11.) Trace a guide leaving enough room to wrap the edges, about one inch outside of the frame.

12.) Cut the fabric.
13.) Layer so the fabric is on the bottom, cotton backing sandwiched between, and the frame on the top .
14.) Push down on the frame back and place a line of glue close to the side of the frame.
15.) Wrap the fabric around and on to the glue. If your using your fingers to push the fabric on the glue be careful, IT'S HOT!!!
16.) Glue all the sides.

17.) Cut off any excess fabric and glue corners down.
18.) Now your left with this cute little pillow. Place the frame backing into the frame.

18.) Using T pins, pin into the frame and hang your jewelry.
19.) Get your hammer and nails and hang on the wall.

I hope you guys enjoyed this pictorial and have fun making your Picture Frame Jewelry Display pieces!  Check out my other jewelry holding designs linked above.

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envye template.