Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY China Plate and Tea Cup Jewelry Display

Are you a little mad about jewelry? I know I am! Inspired by Pinterest I created this jewelry display using a teacup and china plates! There are many ways this can be customized and of corse you can display more then jewelry. Add this to your room/closet and display your favorite jewelry or fun nail polishes for a girly flare!

You'll need:

China Plates ($Depends on where you buy)
Tea Cup (optional, $Depends on where you buy)
Cotton ball or Tissue 
Rubbing Alcohol
Glass Candle Sticks (Dollar Tree $1)
 Super Glue (Home Depot $3)
I purchased my plates and cup from our local Goodwill store, bought the candle sticks from the Dollar Tree, and the glue from Home Depot.


1.) Wipe each surface that will be glued with a cotton ball of rubbing alcohol.
2.) Apply the glue to the candle stick starting with the base that will sit on the bottom plate. (You can use either the top or bottom of the candle stick for the first tier, the second tier should have the candlestick holder upside down with the narrow side on the bottom to give more room on your plate.)
 3.) Place the candle stick in the middle of the bottom plate and slightly press down.
4.) If you mess up or if your glue bubbles out the side you can use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to remove the glue.
5.) Apply glue to the top of the candle stick and add another plate making sure you eyeball where the plate should sit.
6.) Stack plates according to your liking.
7.) OPTIONAL- I added a tea cup at the top to hold my rings. Add this last by lining the bottom of your cup with glue and place on the place in the center.
8.) Allow to dry 24-48 hours before using.

I feel like I have a piece of Wonderland in my house! The next time the Mad Hatter asks me to a tea party I'll have my jewelry ready! My display seems magical and adds such a pretty feel to my room. Now I can have all the pieces I tend to wear most often right on my vanity. You can see I made a second one out of blue plates, thats for my mom. Hope you've enjoyed this DIY! If you make one yourself, post a picture on my Facebook page or tag me in a picture on Instagram so I can see it!

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