Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My FAVORITE❤ Places to Shop

I like to post Outfit of the Days on my social networks of the clothes I wear along with shoes, handbags, and jewelry. One of my followers, Janet Richards, ask me "Where are good places you like to clothes shop? Since I've been a mom I've worn nothing but comfy clothes and now I want to start feeling like my old self again and need some pointers." Finding a good place to shop at reasonable prices can be challenging. When people ask me where I got something, most times I can tell them it was on sale. Like my Lucky dress that was originally $150 and I got on sale for $5, or my new red leather (real leather) jacket I got from Nordstrom's originally $250 that I got on sale for $119. I'm a girl who sees the potential in sale items so I'm coming home with 9 pieces instead of 1 or two. So where are a few places that I shop, and a few pointers on when I shop? 

I'm a thrifty shopper, so when it comes to tops I like to find deal and sales. I shop around and wait for things to go on sale. I like a number of places like Target, H&M, Forever 21, Hollister, and Altar'd State. All these places always have sales, and I can walk  towards the back and find the sale rack with cute clothes. 
You can never go wrong with Marshalls! I love shopping there because most shirts are $7-15 and I can leave with a big bag full of new tops that make me smile. I try not to spend more then $20 on a top because they are more interchangeable then other parts of your wardrobe. And if your a girl on a budget and need to stretch your wallet, or just love deals, Marshalls is my favorite!❤

Honestly, I pick up jackets where I find a cute one. Most of the time I go for nicer places like Nordstomes and Express because I need a jacket I can depend on. The best time to go is when Christmas is over and some time in March when they are getting ready for spring and need to sell the winter clothing. 

I have to say I shop around for pants. I actually find some great pants from Hollister when they go on sale. I used to work there so I know that a pair of olive green skinny jeans that start out at $50 can go on sale to $7 or $9. So when I go to Hollister I always go to the girls side, all the way to the back, because that is always where the sale clothes are. I also find tons of cute tops on sale there, can't help it but I really love Hollister, haha! 
A pair of jeans that fits like a glove to hug your curves and fit your waist and thighs perfectly...does that exist? The kind that answered my jean problems comes from Lucky Brand. I will pay a big price for jeans that fit and can last me for a long time, and Lucky makes jeans designed for every girls body type. Because we are all different, they have made a jean for each girl with different names. I wear the Sweet N Low that is made for a curvy body in the boot cut style. They are beautiful quality and the customer service is great because they can look at you and know what will work best. The other place I can depend on to give me a good pair of jeans is American Eagle. I can't always work in every style, but I usually don't have to hard of a job and their jeans are super trendy and you can get a good deal when they have sales!

I'm a huge fan of local boutiques. They carry super cute clothes that are usually less then places like Macy's but are better quality then Forever 21. Most of my clothes comes from my local boutiques back in the south, us girls from the salon went there probably twice a week just to see what they got in. And you can usually follow their Instagram or Facebook page to see new items and sale alerts!

I tend to buy new shoes each year because I'm always either wearing them into the ground or going for a new style. I love buying from Charlotte Russe because they always have cute and outgoing shoes that
are in style and run promotions like buy one get one for $15. Their prices are always great and I like that they carry even more of a selection online. I bought a few pairs of boots from CR two years ago and girls ask all the time where I bought them. The shoes I wear more tend to last me about a year and a half, the ones I don't wear every day like heels last me at least three years.
Another great place for shoes is Just Fab.  First time users always get a pair free or their order is super discounted. I love their selection because it looks trendy and expensive but they price all their shoes at $39.95! I can't wait to order my fall boots from them, I'm getting the Ilsa in brown or black and the Bryce in brown.

Sometimes I pick up something I see in a store, but most of the times I'm shopping for accessories on Instagram. Pretty funny, but I love seeing girls representing their favorite jewelry and finding out where they purchased it from. I get my urban more unusual pieces from Twisted Silver. They sell gorgeous jewelry that is very unique and can be found on celebrities and actresses like Malese Jow who plays Anna on The Vampire Diaries. I real love their idea behind the design because you can wear most items multiple ways with a t-shirt or fancy dress. Another favorite place is Benevolent Jewels. Michelle (founder) picks a variety of vintage jewelry designs that are absolutely adorable and extremely current. I love the big chunky necklaces that she sells.

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