Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Liquid to Powder by L'Oreal

Normal people drink coffee and look at newspapers or watch television in the morning. I like to sit in my bed all snuggled up with my rottweiler and watch YouTube videos. That's what you do as a beauty connoisseur. You find out whats new and how/if it works and new techniques that can better your artistry. Learning is an ever going process in the world of beauty, maybe thats why I like it so much! Not to mention adding to the list of products you want to purchase! 
I've seen a few girls I watch regularly try out and review the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid to Powder foundation. With mixed thoughts on its watery formula that magically turns to powder…I had to try it!

The Liquid Powder comes in 12 shades ranging from a cool fair tone to a warm dark, I'm shade 326 True Beige ($13 0.91fl. oz). This lightweight formula promises an "un-makup" look that finishes like bare skin as it transforms from a viscous liquid into a soft powder. It also has 18spf which seems great for the girl who doesn't need all the steps of foundation or that doesn't have to time/need for a full face of coverage.Here are my pros/cons upon trying this:

-is really lightweight
-great for a sheer to light buildable coverage
-blends out nicely
-has a satin/matte finish
-great for normal/oily skin
-evens skin tone

-probably not good for dry skin, can cause skin to look flaky
-super oily skin can break down the foundation
-is a bit tricky to work with the extremely thin constancy
-easy to spill (don't use over nice clothes), packaging isn't practical
-such a small amount of product for its $$$
-isn't recommended for a brush or sponge, you have to use your fingers
-broke my skin out really bad!

 I wish it didn't make my skin break out as bad as it did but I can't control that, I really liked the natural coverage it gives for everyday wear. Now would and who would I recommend this foundation to? I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with acne prone skin, because I know a foundation can be great but some skin will not work with it. Or someone with dry skin because it turns into a powder that rubber over dry skin can make it look flaky and flat. I would recommend it to girls that are just getting into makeup with  normal to combination skin who need a natural finish, or girls who like a natural finish to their face makeup like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. But still, not my favorite.
Have you tried this foundation before? How do you like/dislike it?
Bare skin
Applied 1 layer of foundation

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