Monday, August 12, 2013

My First Time Facial Experience♥

I have always wanted to get a facial, but fear of the unknown comes creeping in when I think of things that can alter my skins condition. Plus, I'm a scary cat when it comes to trying new things. After all I work pretty dang hard with a in depth regimen that I keep up with morning and night to make my skin happy and healthy. The silly thing it that facials actually help your skin get rid of build up, and your esthetician can recommend at home and in spa treatments to help with any problem areas.

Thanks to my new found use of Groupon I saw a deal for a signature facial at a cute local place. I set up an appointment (which I went in for today) early in the morning two days before I had to work that way my skin had a day or two to heal or deal with any redness. On arrival my facial specialist Lindsey greeted me and had me fill out a page with questions pertaining to my health and skin. So far so good, nothing scary or strange. Then she walked me to the facial room and told me to take my shirt off and put a wrap towel on then lay face up on the facial bed. If you've had a massage this is pretty much the same preparation. You don't have to worry about any products getting on your clothes and the blanket on the bed keeps you snuggly warm. Then Lindsey came in and talked to me a bit about my skin and what she was going to do. She looked over my skin under a light so that she could clearly see what was going on. I have really big and deep pores with an uneven texture and a few places that like to break out as well as the usual congestion of black heads. Lindsey told me I am the perfect candidate for Mircodemabrasion which is a exfoliation treatment. I was glad to know a bit more about that process and she explained it so I could understand, I'm a girl who likes information and to be given recommendations. After all if you never tell me I will never know. 

She started the facial process by massaging creamy products into my skin. I love massages, first way to win me over! After a few things rubbed and massaged into my skin she told me she was turning on a steaming machine that sat above my face. This was like steam coming from a boiling pot (this is what the steam looks and feels like), this softens the congestion and dead skin cells on and in your pores so it's easier to remove. Then Lindsey extracted all the blackhead out on my skin. I know this sounds unpleasant and gross, but its essential to clearing up you skin and getting rid of any thing laying dormant in your pores. I'm so thankful that I don't have to worry about the blackheads on the side of my cheeks where I can't see them. Yes it is a bit painful and leaves some redness, but its much more sanitary then you doing it at home without the correct astringent to kill any bacterias. After that she used a tingling product on my face and massaged my neck, shoulder, arms, and hands. I didn't know you got a little massage during a facial, I would have done this a long time ago if I knew that! Haha. Lindsey then applied a moisturizer with a 30SPF and finished my facial.

My overall experience was very nice and relaxing. My skin feels refreshed with wonderful moisture and is super soft to the touch. I have a few red marks due to the extractions but it's much better looking then when I try to do that at home. My skin looks significantly cleaner then before. I'm very glad to finally know what it's like to get a facial and I can't wait to go back for my second one that I booked in September before my birthday. I also will be getting microdermabrasion and and can let you know what that is like as well!

Hope you found some insight to what it's like and I recommend you trying it because you will find it super enjoyable I garentee it. If you don't know who or where to go to, try asking friends or look up reviews. 

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