Friday, July 19, 2013

Philosophy Purity Made Simple- Review

Since I started to use better products for my skin care routine I have fallen in love with the Philosophy skin line. Yes, they do cost quite a pretty penny but I know that my skin is happy when I use them so I understand that I am willing to splurge on a productive product. Their line works well and delivers on what they have stated it would help with. 

I have been using the Purity Made Simple 3-1 Foaming Cleanser Gel to wash my makeup off. I've enjoyed using this face cleanser because it removes all traces of makeup while leaving my skin feeling refreshed, not stripped like other makeup washes tend to do. I have an oily skin type so I need a bit more of a deep clean then people with dry skin. It also removes my eye makeup without the need for a separate eye makeup remover. My skin took well to it and I didn't have back lash of an unearthly breakout as I've had with other products…I guess my skin is a little sensitive when it comes a number of ingredients. 

The other day I was browsing Sephora for other face washes. Not because mine didn't work but because I have this annoying want to try new things. Low and behold I searched around and didn't find anything to honestly compare with the gel cleanser I loved. I went over to the Philosophy section and noticed the Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser and compared the ingredient list to the Gel cleanser. Most of the items used matched up, so I though I would try that and maybe it would work better or the same since it was pretty much a twin product but has a different constancy to its formula. 

It's not that I don't like the face wash or that I woke up with 20 zits on my face, but rather the fact that I had to wash my face twice to remove all my makeup and it didn't get all my eye makeup off. I had to use a eye makeup remover to get that off. That was a big disappointment. Especially when I looked in the mirror and the skin around my eyes was red because of all the washing it went though. Unlike the Gel 3-1 which turns into a foam and cleans the makeup away, the One-Step has a milky consistency that feels nice on the skin but doesn't leave your skin as clean. 

My overall conclusion is this: If you wear a full face of makeup most of the time and have more of a oily skin type your cleanser would be the Gel 3-1, if you don't wear as much makeup or have dry skin your cleanser would be the One-Step

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