Friday, July 26, 2013

How to set your Tease!

 When your hair is clean it tents to slip which means bobby pins or teasing wont hold your style, kind of a bummer when you want to do something to your hair and it miss behaves! There are so many products that claim to make your hair Texas worthy and add texture, but few prove true.
 Big Sexy hair is known for their amazing hairspray and styling products! I recently discovered one called Powder Play that adds texture and volume to your roots. This is a super fine powder or dust that you can sprinkle on your locks. Ideal for instant volume on dry hair it is the fastest, easiest way to get big sexy hair in a few seconds! It is weightless, odorless and colorless on any hair color and is great for adding texture. I've used a few other products similar to this one, but the BSH brand is my favorite! You have to use this the right way to achieve the right results. Most people are told to just sprinkle it in and that's it...not really. You can use it that way but honestly it will go flat in 15 minutes and you have to fluff it up again.

Here is how to best use this product;
1) dust a sprinkle of this to your roots (you only need a little bit!) on the top of your head in the crown area and the sides to give your hair grip so it won't lay flat, use your finger tips to work the dust into your hair
2)  then you can follow that step by teasing your hair at the roots. The Powder Play keeps your tease in place because of the grip texture it gives your hair.

Now your ready to go with tease that won't fall out in even the finest hair! Dust, tease, enjoy!

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