Monday, July 1, 2013

Hillary Duff Hair & Makeup

I don't know what your favorite TV show in middle school was, but mine was the best! Lizzy Mcguire had the cutest outfits and coolest haircut! My childhood must watch! I used to wear pants under my skirts because I saw her do it in one episode. Oh, and I had my mom cut me some Lizzy bangs! Talk about obsession! Haha ok well maybe not that crazy. Every girl needs a good older girl to be a role model. Even today I love seeing her style and how she has grown into a gorgeous low-key celebrity. 

I posted a picture of 4 styles to vote on for my next tutorial, Hillary won that vote! I will also be doing the other looks I showed you in my next couple tutorials so stay tuned and watch my Hillary Duff hair and makeup tutorial!

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