Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Smooth Elegant Volumized Chignon without Heat

There is a time for elegance and softness, when everything should flow beautiful and gracefully. Either for a formal event that calls for a classy style, or a flawless look on your wedding day. There are so many styles to choose from these days, but only one has passed through time and been worn by many decades of women.
The chignon is that classy hairstyle which can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where Athenian women commonly wore the style with gold or ivory handcrafted hairpins. It achieved popularity in the Victorian era, and again in the 1940's. Now days we have modernized it to the 21st century trends. There are many ways to achieve this look but today I'm sharing with you my version of a super sleek chignon that can compliment anyone from royalty all the way to your date night.  I hope you enjoy this tutorial! 

Please note that although this is said to be a hairstyle done without heat, doesn't mean your hair texture will work properly for it. If you have straight/wavy hair you won't need to use a blowdryer or flat iron. If you have curly hair then obviously your hair won't dry for the exact look and will need the assistance of heat.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Review

MakeupGeek eyeshadows have always been on my want list but I never got around to making a order. I like to watch reviews before I buy something I can't actually touch and play with in person because I hate purchasing things that look great but don't deliver on what they claim to be. Some makeup, especially eyeshadows, end up being a waste of money. I work hard for my money so I want what I buy to work hard for me! 
A few weeks ago I awaited my MakeupGeek eyeshadow package to come in the mail, literally checking to see if it was delivered every couple of minutes. When I got my box it came with the 16 shadows I ordered and an adorable hand written note thanking me for my purchase. You can watch my video for my honest personal opinion about the MakeupGeek shadows and a swatch to the shades I got. 
If you've used this eyeshadow let me know what you think about it!

List of shades mentioned:
Creme Brule
Cocoa Bear
Brown Sugar
Bleached Blonde
Purely Naked

Friday, July 26, 2013

How to set your Tease!

 When your hair is clean it tents to slip which means bobby pins or teasing wont hold your style, kind of a bummer when you want to do something to your hair and it miss behaves! There are so many products that claim to make your hair Texas worthy and add texture, but few prove true.
 Big Sexy hair is known for their amazing hairspray and styling products! I recently discovered one called Powder Play that adds texture and volume to your roots. This is a super fine powder or dust that you can sprinkle on your locks. Ideal for instant volume on dry hair it is the fastest, easiest way to get big sexy hair in a few seconds! It is weightless, odorless and colorless on any hair color and is great for adding texture. I've used a few other products similar to this one, but the BSH brand is my favorite! You have to use this the right way to achieve the right results. Most people are told to just sprinkle it in and that's it...not really. You can use it that way but honestly it will go flat in 15 minutes and you have to fluff it up again.

Here is how to best use this product;
1) dust a sprinkle of this to your roots (you only need a little bit!) on the top of your head in the crown area and the sides to give your hair grip so it won't lay flat, use your finger tips to work the dust into your hair
2)  then you can follow that step by teasing your hair at the roots. The Powder Play keeps your tease in place because of the grip texture it gives your hair.

Now your ready to go with tease that won't fall out in even the finest hair! Dust, tease, enjoy!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Philosophy Purity Made Simple- Review

Since I started to use better products for my skin care routine I have fallen in love with the Philosophy skin line. Yes, they do cost quite a pretty penny but I know that my skin is happy when I use them so I understand that I am willing to splurge on a productive product. Their line works well and delivers on what they have stated it would help with. 

I have been using the Purity Made Simple 3-1 Foaming Cleanser Gel to wash my makeup off. I've enjoyed using this face cleanser because it removes all traces of makeup while leaving my skin feeling refreshed, not stripped like other makeup washes tend to do. I have an oily skin type so I need a bit more of a deep clean then people with dry skin. It also removes my eye makeup without the need for a separate eye makeup remover. My skin took well to it and I didn't have back lash of an unearthly breakout as I've had with other products…I guess my skin is a little sensitive when it comes a number of ingredients. 

The other day I was browsing Sephora for other face washes. Not because mine didn't work but because I have this annoying want to try new things. Low and behold I searched around and didn't find anything to honestly compare with the gel cleanser I loved. I went over to the Philosophy section and noticed the Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser and compared the ingredient list to the Gel cleanser. Most of the items used matched up, so I though I would try that and maybe it would work better or the same since it was pretty much a twin product but has a different constancy to its formula. 

It's not that I don't like the face wash or that I woke up with 20 zits on my face, but rather the fact that I had to wash my face twice to remove all my makeup and it didn't get all my eye makeup off. I had to use a eye makeup remover to get that off. That was a big disappointment. Especially when I looked in the mirror and the skin around my eyes was red because of all the washing it went though. Unlike the Gel 3-1 which turns into a foam and cleans the makeup away, the One-Step has a milky consistency that feels nice on the skin but doesn't leave your skin as clean. 

My overall conclusion is this: If you wear a full face of makeup most of the time and have more of a oily skin type your cleanser would be the Gel 3-1, if you don't wear as much makeup or have dry skin your cleanser would be the One-Step

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fishtale Braid Top Knot Bun

One of my subscribers posted this on my Big Bouffant Hair Bun tutorial, "Can u do other types of buns too, for summer?" Thank you Rabina Duwal for your request! I made this fish tale braid bun top knot just for you! Easy for any summer activities and with just a few simple steps you can wear this with your favorite cut off jean shorts and summer tank top! Enjoy the tutorial!

Photo Shoot with Kelli

I always have fun shooting with Tyrone Lavigne! The inspiration for this shoot was sophisticated suits and tailored lines. Our model Kelli from Vision Model Management was really fun to work with, full of spunk and a natural beauty. I kept telling her how perfect she is and that she needed to work with Victoria's Secret when I was styling her hair and makeup! I mean, I think she is more gorgeous then Adriana Lima, pretty hard to beat that! We did a few different looks styled by Rachel, clean lines with a strong personality of wardrobe. All our talents pulled off one of my favorite shoots I've done.
What a beauty!

Find them on Instagram-
Tyrone: tyronelavignephoto
Kelli: kelliseymour
Rachel: rachelbeth

Monday, July 8, 2013

Modern Princess Jasmine Hairstyle

This is the second most liked picture I posted for you to vote on! I wasn't completely in love with the look, but every artist takes a design and molds it into their own. 

I changed it up a bit and added some disney flare, because who doesn't want to look like the perfect disney princess? I love Princess Jasmine, with her gorgeous super thick long hair that always looked like she took lots of biotin LOL!  In turn, I put both together to create this easy loosely braided hairstyle with some tease and gathered ends. You don't have to do the top exactly like mine, if you prefer no tease or a middle part make it to fit you. Have fun and enjoy the tutorial!
Maybe I should do an entire series of modern princess hairstyles? Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Made a Welcome Video

Due to the new way Youtube presents user channels, I made a "Welcome To My Channel" video for new people who are yet to be subscribed so they can get a quick intro to what I am all about. I pieced together pictures of styles i've created for my subbies as well as video clips of the work in progress. Hopefully this makes it easier to understand me as well as what I do!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hillary Duff Hair & Makeup

I don't know what your favorite TV show in middle school was, but mine was the best! Lizzy Mcguire had the cutest outfits and coolest haircut! My childhood must watch! I used to wear pants under my skirts because I saw her do it in one episode. Oh, and I had my mom cut me some Lizzy bangs! Talk about obsession! Haha ok well maybe not that crazy. Every girl needs a good older girl to be a role model. Even today I love seeing her style and how she has grown into a gorgeous low-key celebrity. 

I posted a picture of 4 styles to vote on for my next tutorial, Hillary won that vote! I will also be doing the other looks I showed you in my next couple tutorials so stay tuned and watch my Hillary Duff hair and makeup tutorial!


If you don't know what a beauty or hair/makeup show convention let me explain it this way. You're in a room filled with beauty products such as MAC, Paul Mitchell, Makeup For Ever, and Bobbi Brown. Everything has a special show price well below the retail value. There are different stages with multiple classes throughout the day teaching about techniques, brands, and products. Yes you've died and gone to girl world! LOL! 
I wanted to take a few pictures to document my adventure to my first California beauty show and share that with you to see the fun things we got to do!
This is my family friend Kirra who went with us (my husband also went and took the picture for us).

How amazing is this face makeup? There are booths all around demonstrating their techniques along with different product lines. This is one of my favorites.

This is a glitter brand that has amazing pigmentation and an adorable sales rep!

Of corse MAC Pro was there demonstrating their body paints and other things, as well as this gorgeous mural collaborated by all their makeup artists.
We loves this whimsical body paint artist and her model! She was painting a choker collar when we went by.

BonBliss is a super chic new hand exfolient/lotion product that exfoliates and acts as a lotion so you don't need to use lotion! The super soft feel after your rinse the scrub off makeup your hands feel kissable soft, and the lotion feel lasts for 4 hours! We loved this product and Kirra went home with a few tins!

Above and below is the Anastasia Beverly Hills booth. I got a pro brow palette with every color I could need. And how cute is sales rep? Her makeup so was gorgeous!

Kirra found these awesome lipstick tattoos called Violent Lips. Just like a tattoo these lips last for 4-6 hours and you can eat/drink with them. She got red, pink, and hot pink with white polkadots. They also have a few eyeshadow tattoos like the American flag pictured below. 

At every hair show there is always jewelry blinged out with makeup products or hair shears. Too fun!

Above and below are more theatrical makeup jobs that some talented theatrical artists showcased. Just like the movies, we got to see and experience what it takes to create these live masterpieces. 

 I FINALLY found a booth that carried Red Cherry Lashes. I've always wanted to purchase some of these for my bridal makeup kit, but water to see them in person before I did. I really liked their assortment and got 10 different kinds.

 Above all we had fun looking, touching, testing, smelling, playing, experiencing all the new and fun stuff at every booth. I can't wait for the next show that South California puts on! You can see some of the fun things I purchased in me upcoming videos. As well as the lashes!

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