Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moving Back Home

I was born in southern California, grew up a beach baby due to my families business in the surf board industry. My 3 bothers and I were brought up with salt water in our hair and scraped knees from skate boarding. But along came the day that our parents felt like God was telling them to move out South to be with distant family. So our adventure began. We all lived out here for a few years while my dad commuted back and forth from California. When I graduated from high school I moved to Nashville and enrolled in Cosmetology school, where my husband proposed to me. After being stupid excited about being engaged I found out that my parents were planning to move back to our Go figure right? So i've been living out south with my wonderful husband for 3 additional years.
If you haven't seen the few things that I've posted on some videos...I'm moving back to my hometown on April 19th! Driving 2,100 miles to sunny California...from Alabama! MY amazing husband got a wonderful job offer, which was the prompt of our move, an incredible opportunity because our desire was to eventually move out there. 
I'm going to apologize right now if my blogging isn't as consistent as usual, since I'm packing and moving all the craziness follows. I will be posting updates and pictures from the trip out there (which takes 3 days to drive!), and trying to keep up with my daily facebook postings and whatnot. But I'll tell you right now you will probably be seeing lots of funny board pictures from us! When I get settled after the move I will be back and at full force!
Thank you for your support and love!



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