Friday, April 26, 2013

California Fashion

Fashion is different in every city and town. Many of us look to fashion capitols like Tokyo, Japan with their distinct graphic design and fearless outgoing clothes, or the way New York sets its standards on class and individualistic statement pieces.  We all have the things that set us apart and make us unique. 

Back in the south fashion is played safe with boots and follows the trends of cities near them. Now that I am home in Southern California I feel as though not only am I home, but I can actually express my style once again! My friend Lori made the trip out to Cali with me, a born and raised southern bell, she stated time and again how California boys have their own style and no one else can compare. I believe that to be true...with the guys as well the the women. Not only in fashion but also in slang, where else would the words like; dude, gnarly, and hella come from?

I wanted to share with my followers the style that SoCal represents this year. Check out these pictures and see if you agree :) 
Above: High-waisted Shorts with a vintage feel

 Above: Crop top tanks and tee's and flouncy skirts
Below: Bell Bottom jeans with some Hippy Flare

Below: Itsy-bitsy Bikinis with unique Details

 Above: Mismatched prints...who needs to match all the time anyways?
Below: Attention getter boots and translucent tops

 Above: Overflowing Shirts and short shorts

Above: Black jeans and jeggings
Below: Gorgeous hats, sometimes oversized

Below: and of corse...our Ray-Bans!

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