Monday, March 4, 2013

Makeup Organization

My Makeup Organizer
As a beauty blogger you tend to collect quite a assortment of products. But even before I started my blog as I went into a store and all the beautiful colors, textures, brands, and bottles stood out like beautiful incising candy. If you like makeup you know exactly what I'm talking about. You might have multiple eye-shadows...but that palette over there is absolutely stunning. You might have 9 shades of nude lip stick but not in that exact shade. You might have 3 different bronzers but the one your looking at has gold reflective in the powder. Yeah, I'm not the only one. So after all that cumulation your makeup bag tends to get a bit on the gorged side. If I tried to fit all my makeup into one bag it would be 20 months pregnant! You can't find anything and it get's messy!

There are many expensive way to get organized. The acrylic makeup organizer became popular after seen on the Kardashian show. But lets face it, I don't want to spend a whopping $190+ on an acrylic case. So in steps the amazing world of Target! I found these teal desk organizers which were precisely what I need for storage. I got two square pen holders which I use for brushes($2.75), one rectangular organizer that I use for lipsticks and tweezer like tools($3.48), one file holder that my big palettes go in($3.35), and two of the clear faced drawer units($9.99). Which is all on clearance right now, purchased total is $32.33! Oh...and I couldn't pass up the ceramic Hello Kitty holder($9.99)! 
Brush Holders

Holds Lipstick, tweezers, eyelash-curler, brush cleanser...
Paletts & Mirror
Hello Kitty holder, and I also have this q-tip holder from Hobby Lobby

So if you're in the need to organize your makeup, don't spend a crazy amount of money because you can do it just like this and it's very easy and affordable!

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