Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What is BB Cream?

It's crazy when a new fad, or even something that's been around for a while, becomes popular overnight! All of a sudden there is this huge buzz about a "new" makeup product called a BB Cream. Well the reality of this is...wait for it...THIS ISN'T NEW! You can also refer to a tinted moisturizer which is very similar, BB creams have been around for quite some time but just recently arrived as a fad in the United States.

So what is BB Cream? It's a wonderful cocktail of all your needed base products; moisturizer, primer, foundation, setting powder, and an SPF. Which in a woman's fast pace life can seem like a complete miracle. In one step your've hydrated, corrected skin tone, and protected your skin. In my book that's pretty impressive, since my full makeup look consists of doing all that in separate steps! 

Whats the difference between BB Cream and regular foundation? If you think about your makeup routine it's similar to building a house. You lay out the foundation, set up your walls which is your color and the main part, then top it off with a roof for covering. But when you get a makeup bag full of things you need to use, how do you know what order to put them in and if they will work properly with each other? BB cream has taken all that confusion away with creating an all-in-one product so you don't need to waist your time with multiple steps and incorrect layering.

What are the top 2 drugstore and professional BB creams? I will also tell you my favorite BB Cream, but first let me tell you what reviews tell me are the best from drugstores!

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream- Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars this BB Cream instantly gives skin a natural and even coverage creating a radiant and smooth face! With it's non oily formula you can achieve a sheer coverage great for everyday use with an spf of 15. On their website a wonderful 159 out of 187 reviewers would recommend this product! (13$)

Maybelline Dream Fresh- Rated 4 out of 5 stars this BB Cream blurs imperfections, has an spf of 30, brightens and enhances the natural you! One review said this about the product, "I tried this product out and really liked it. I had never tried a BB cream before and did not know what to expect. It covers nice but is a really light feel. I would recommend it to anyone who asked." (8$)

Benefit's You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer- Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars this is MY FAVORITE professional BB cream. I'm actually using this one currently since I've been working on my tan, I don't like to use a heavy foundation since my skin evens out with a tan. Why do I love this product? It makes my skin feel super smooth and takes care of my skin all day with a spf of 15, and I only have to use a small amount! It also improves the skins elasticity and uses vitamin-E to protect against signs of aging. (30$)

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream- Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars this product get's high reviews! One user said this, "Love this BB cream! Great coverage, but light feel on skin. Very hydrating. Made me a convert for BB cream!" You can't help but love an oil controlled multitasking formula that improves natural hydration and provides a lasting wear. It also has the highest spf of 35! (39$)

So are you ready to try out a BB cream? I know that I love using mine and will continue to use it throughout the spring to summer months! If you've used any of these products tell me about your opinion!

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