Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Starfish Nails- Picture Tutorial

I was up in Tennessee this past weekend to help my best friend from Cosmetology school (guest artist in my Valentines day tutorial) Cassie, find her wedding dress. So she had quite a bit of family come out there to be apart of the celebration! Savannah, her soon to be sister in law is an awesome nail artist and wanted to do our nails. So I picked out this starfish design that I found off pinterest, and took a picture tutorial so you ladies can paint this design! Follow along :)

Pictured above are the main colors that were used: Pro's Punki Pink, China Glaze For Audrey, and China Glaze Fairy Dust

Step 1) With clean nails, shape them to your desired look. Then put your base coat on.

Step 2) Apply two coats of For Audrey

Step 3) Apply 1 coat of Fairy Dust (if you don't have this exact sparkle color, try to use a fine silver sparkle polish)

Step 4) Using a dotting tool or a tooth pick, make starfishes on your nails using the Punki Pink. Randomize the placement. You might have to do two coats.

Step 5) Using a dotting tool or a tooth pick, make small white dots on top of your starfish with a white polish.

Step 6) Using a dotting tool or a tooth pick, mix up some fine gold glitter with clear polish and place a small dot on the surrounding of your starfish. This is meant to look like don't put too much. As you see in the picture it's not everywhere. Then smudge the gold out and around the starfish with your finger.

Step 7) Last thing to do is apply a top coat! 

Savannah did an amazing job and I think I'm going to hold my breath for summer! This is actually a really easy nail design, and you can always switch up the colors. If you do this on your nails send me a picture of what yours look like!!!
Post it on my facebook ----> HERE!

  I am so ready for it to be warm again...also ready to take a trip to the BEACH!!! 

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