Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Groom Men's Brows

Hello lovers! 
       I have a different type of a tutorial for you today, how to Groom your man's brows! I know that so many ladies make fun of guys brows...especially the famed UNI-BROW. I called my husbands brows fuzzy caterpillars, he's Italian so it's a given that he will have thick brows. When I asked him if I could wax his brows he instantly turned down the offer. Guys don't get their brows waxed! So after I told him that I wouldn't make them look "girly" and that it would look a lot better, he let me do it. Yes, he now asks me to clean them up for him! I only remove the excess and overgrown part, nothing like a girls waxing. 
Check out the tutorial and see how you can clean up the man in your life ;)

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