Monday, January 21, 2013

My Pinterest!

Ever wanted to know a great meal to cook, or get bored with your hair style, can't figure out what to wear, or need a fun Do it Yourself project? Pinterest is my GO TOO website with all the possibilities I could ever need! 
From hair to food I never go without a new idea because of the wonderful and virtual world of Pinterest. It's like a magazine that you can share with the world and also get ideas from the world. I love it because I don't have to invest in books or other things, I simply go to or my Pinterest on a board I want to check out and find things I like. Since the picture is connected to a website source, it takes you to the page where that picture was published. So for instance I searched Pinterest for a "Barbie Ponytail" and it brought up all these "pins," I click on the one I like and pin it to my board.

So this picture below is what pulls up, I click repin (which get's saved to my hair styling board) or I can click on the picture...

To pull up the source from where the picture came, my blog site.

You can also follow people because it is a social site, so get started and check out all the fun stuff I have on
---------> MY PINTEREST!

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