Monday, August 27, 2012

10 Random Beauty Tips

There are tips and tricks that are learned by anyone who practices anything, in my case beauty. Simple things that make a world of a difference, things that will rock your world!!! 
Here are the 10 things I want to share with you in my first Random Beauty Tips video. From hair to makeup and even clothing tips, I'm here to make your beauty an easy thing to take care of! Watch the video and enjoy!

Video includes:
static cling, how to stretch new shoes, what tool for foundation, how to blow dry bangs, makeup remover for your eyes, brighten your eyes, blotting sheets, DIY hair cleanser, less acne, skin moisturizer

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall in love

My absolute favorite season is on it's way. You can feel the coolness come over you in the morning and  in the night. Warm colors will soon envelope the land with an array of magnificent glory. Time to break out your comfy sweater, urban boots, and sassy scarves. If your like me and can't help yourself but to spend a few minutes a day on've some ideas about what you like. I'm going to post some of my favorite ideas and outfits I have collected on my Fashion Desire board to get your creative fashionista juices flowing as you dress more towards the fall season! 

Monday, August 20, 2012


DIY: Belt Headband

It's time to get back to school!!! What better way to make an impression then wearing something nobody else will have? Here is a awesome tutorial on how to jazz up your regular style with an embellished belt! All you will need is a small clear rubber band and a small or skinny embellished belt! 


Lastest Work...

I've been able to work with some amazing guests that have allowed me to take their photograph for my blog! I love it when guests are as excited as I am to publish the pictures here. So here is my latest work in color, styling, extensions, and more!

This is Monica, she is so much fun to work with and let's me have creative range as I finish her look with a beautiful funky wrap around braid! Below is a fun video of her braid because it has so many angles a picture can't capture.


Below is a guest who get's extensions for thickness and body. Left is the before and right is the after! Big difference isn't there!

Above is Marie, one of the beautiful girls I work with at the salon. She let me do the Concealed braided style on her. It turned out gorgeous, don't you think?!

Below is Nikki, she is a super sweet spunky girl. So we got into the makeup and gave her a super rich smokey eye using a plumb color along with brown and gold accents.

 Above and below is a mother and daughter that had some fun at the salon.  The little angel above let us play with color hair chalk and I made it into a braid.
 Below her mom got the newest fad in hair color, the Ombr'e! With a soft dirty blonde almost brown into a honey color, she is totally rocking it out!

Above is another lovely girl I get to work with, Lori. She was a dark brunette with red undertones and we took her to a sandy blonde below with cool undertones pictured below. LOVE IT!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So many times we come up with ideas, plans, goals, and dreams. Along the road this world sucks you dry as it diminishes any tiny baby ounce of a possibility left for the thing you desired. Whether it's to get fit, get a job, make a commitment to do something, travel, get an education, be a family, finish a project, take up a new hobby, learn to play an instrument,   get a better pay check, get a better relationship with God, the list goes on and on. 
Well I don't know about you but I'm tired of being less then my best! I'm tired of being so on fire about something and then two weeks down the road I cant even remember what I was so riled up about. My New Year's revolution doesn't end on January 2nd, it's standing firm all the way until I renew my commitment! 
Lets go :)

1.) Be on fire for Jesus Christ
2.) Give 100% of myself
3.) Push until I've achieved my goals
4.) Stay Fit!
5.) Learn more
6.) Make my story one worth telling


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Concealed Braided Updo

My new favorite updo is probably the easiest thing I've ever done! This tutorial will help you achieve a gorgeous "pancaked" braid and turn it into a glamorous style that is sure to be a show stopper! You'll need:

-bobby pins
-a brush
-small rubber bands


DIY Facial

I've been asked to share some Do It Yourself Facials in the past, but I haven't uploaded anything on them. The reason is...I wanted to test out and gather a few that really stand out to me. Made from raw ingredients that are most of the time found in your kitchen, these ingredients will help your skin with specific problem areas. First I will give you some great facts about the things used, then I will give you a recipe and instructions to follow. I hope you see amazing results and learn the benefits from fresh 
facials with beautifying ingredients. ENJOY!

Honey is safe for very sensitive or irritated skin 
Honey eliminates wrinkles and fine lines 
Honey rejuvenates the skin 
Nourish the skin deeply and prevents infections 
Pure honey doesn't irritate the skin or cause allergies 
Honey helps attract and retain moisture and prevents skin dehydration 
Honey leaves skin smooth and supple 
Honey brightens dull skin and prevents skin discolorations 
Honey acts as a real antioxidant and fights free radicals 
Honey treats and prevents pimples, skin discolorations and fights acne 
Honey is beneficial to treating wounds, sores and burs 
Honey restores damaged skin 
Honey leaves skin soft, soothe and younger-looking 
Honey helps renew skin cells 
Honey treats acne, eczema and other skin conditions as it contains amino acids and enzymes 
Honey fights against skin damage and ageing due to its antioxidant properties

Avocados (sometimes also called avacado) are natures finest creations from which you can obtain organic avocado oil for hair rich in vitamin A, D and of course E. They also contain lots of potassium, lecithin which are good at keeping your skin and hair younger, but these are only a few benefits of avocado oil. It also holds beta-carotene which is important for the health of your eyes; it has quality proteins and more than 22% of essential unsaturated acids.


 There are many beneficial nutrients (as well as fiber) in the tough cucumber skin. However, main-stream cucumbers you see in a regular produce isle are frequently covered in insect, animal or petroleum-based wax, which offsets the benefits in my books, especially given that you never know which one it is. (So buy organic!) Cucumber’s flesh is mostly water, but it also contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid – these nutrients help soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling. Which is the primary reason cucumber has been a “skin care” product since the beginning of time. Cucumber is a great source of silica, which is an essential component of healthy connective tissue. Cucumber juice (as a source of silica) is great for improving complexion and health of skin, plus it is naturally hydrating.

Honey face mask Recipe

1 egg
2 tbs. powdered milk
1 tbs. honey

mix all ingredients well until creamy. smooth on the face and sit for 15 to 20 minutes. rinse with lukewarm water the cold water.

Avocado Honey Moisturizing Mask Recipe

1/2 of a VERY ripe avocado
1/4 c. honey

Mash avocado in honey with fork until smooth. Apply to clean, dry face, and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. Excellent for dry skin.

Cucumber Facial Mask Recipe

1 tbs instant nonfat dry milk 
1/2 peeled cucumber 
1 tsp plain yogurt 

Put all ingredients into a blender and mix well until smooth. Apply to your face (avoid your eyes). Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Not your Average Pony!

Welcome to my new series- how to vamp up the original pony tail! <---- I want to show you ladies how to transform an ordinary style into something modern and memorable. After all that's pretty much the trend right now, correct? 

In my first tutorial I'm going to show you how to get a totally cute ----> messy pony tail in 5 minutes! Perfect for a quick school style or while you get ready for work. I hope you enjoy!

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