Saturday, December 15, 2012

What perfume do I Wear?

Girls are all about scented candles, delicious lipgloss, and seductive perfume. Lets face it, we are constantly wanting to smell like we just walked out of heaven! So I wanted to share with you, the 5 fragrances that I use myself for every season. Hey I show you what I wear everyday so I may as well tell you what I spray over

  1. I am a shopaholic at Victoria Secrets. It's my absolute weakness! So I alway get the cute little sample fragrance perfumes. Which I love because they end up being the perfect thing for when I travel, I don't have to take a full sized perfume just a small little spritzer that can fly or drive with me everywhere. My favorite one is the Love is Heavenly, with a fresh light sent from water lilly and mandarin flowers... that lasts all day!
  2. Next is Victoria Secrets body mists...The one I use the most is PINK Pretty & Pure. It has a fun pink lemonade and pure jasmine fragrance, which is great for a light sent during the daytime at work. We don't want to over load people, lol! This is my everyday body mist and my number one go to.
  3. Since I loved the Pretty & Pure, I also purchased the PINK Fresh & Fierce. This body mist has a fresh water lilly and pink currant fragrance. These are great body mists that has a long lasting scent to keep you smelling cute all day ;)
  4. My friend at the salon turned me onto Sexy Little Things by Victoria Secrets. They have a wonderful smelling body mist called NOIR Summer...a seductive but sweet fragrance perfect for a night out during the summer time. Although I tend to still use it in the winter. It has a fruity and tropical white floral musk scent, so a bit more vavoom!
  5. My all time favorite fragrance is the classic Coco Chanel Mademoiselle! I got this last Christmas and save it for special occasions. This fragrance is said to smell like it captures a young and irresistible spirit. I just love how it is a strong but sweet scent. Even my husband loves it, and you know how guys are with all of our "makeup and sparkly" stuff. Haha!
So there you have it, my top five favorite perfumes that I wear! All of them can be found at either Victoria Secrets and Belks!

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