Sunday, December 16, 2012

Makeup Brushes: What is it for?

When you walk into my favorite makeup store, Sephora, I see a candy bar of makeup brushes. But how do you know what your basic brush needs are, and what they are used for? In this picture I created a simple visual breakdown of what brushes you use on a daily basis and labeled them for what they are made for. I also wanted to share a little bit more of a breakdown below so you know your brushes like a pro!

Powder brush-
This brush distributes a sheer wash of powder across your complexion and in the contours of your face.

Foundation Brush-
A brush that applies and blends foundation properly across your features to ensure your complexion is evenly and flawlessly covered.

Stippling Brush-
A stippling brush that perfectly applies powder, liquid, and cream foundations. This is also a wonderful tool to blend lines, pores, and create a soft base application.

Bronzed Brush-
This brush blends bronzer—or any other powder makeup—flawlessly into the skin for an even, airbrushed complexion.

Small Concealer Brush-
This brush applies and blends concealer smoothly and evenly to eyes, face, and blemishes.

Fan Brush-
This brush dusts, wipes, and re-distributes powders along your features. A great brush to highlight your skin.

Basic Eyeshadow Brush-
This versatile brush serves all your shadow needs like: lids, brow bone, and blending.

Fluffy Brush-
This brush airbrushes your eye color with its blending bristles. Perfect for your crease.

Smokey Eyeshadow Brush-
This brush applies a thick line of eye shadow to create a smoky effect.

Smudge Brush-
A brush that applies, builds, and blends eye makeup to create a range of beautiful results.

Angled Brush-
This brush defines your lids with a thin line of color. The tapered point fits perfectly along the lashline. Also great to use for a precision brow brush.

Brow Grooming Brush-
A multitasking tool that grooms, combs, blends, and defines the brows and lashes.

Lip Brush-
A synthetic-bristle lip brush that’s ideal for applying lipstick or gloss. This brush has a small applicator so that you can place your lipstick exactly where you want it.

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