Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Years Outfits!

Here are some party outfits that I have put together for a few occasions to get you ready for a great New Years! From casual to glam, I hope to inspire your outfit to bring in a wonderful 2013...and get that New Years kiss!

Hollywood Glam Hair- NEW YEARS!

I've been loving all the requests my amazing subscribers have been sending me.  I would like to start this new 
year with a tutorial requested by:
thank you so much for the request and inspiration for this tutorial!!!

Welcome to old Hollywood glam! Rock out your New Years Eve party with this classic hair style that makes you look like a polished pin up model! You can use a wand curler or a regular curling iron (1inch) for this tutorial! Hope you enjoy and have a freaking amazing 

Friday, December 21, 2012

15 Minute Christmas Hair (NO HEAT)!

I've been hearing a great many Christmas traditions from my guests and friends. Most of them though are as cute as getting new Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve, that way when you wake up to open gifts the next day you look cute in pictures. 
Now...that leaves me to create this new tutorial so that you have cute hair to go with it! Inspired by the classic pin curl set from the roaring 20's+ I will show you how to create amazing curls by using bobby pins, water, and a hair net!
Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas Wish List!

Clarasonic Facial Cleanser

Gelish Nail Polish

& Layerable tank top dresses!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waterfall Braid

I've been thinking about adorable hair ideas for Christmas and New Years. Then I realized I have never done a tutorial on a favorite braid of mine...the Waterfall Braid. This is a modern version of the invisible French braid with a new step. It's as simple as dropping the bottom strand and adding a new one, but before I confuse and overwhelm you let me just show you how to do it. Once you see how's it's done, and if you can braid your own hair, you'll be saying how easy it really is! Check out the tutorial and let me know what you think!

P.S. don't be afraid to add some curls or waterfall both sides of your hair, this tutorial is just a simple how-to and to teach you the basics.

Makeup Brushes: What is it for?

When you walk into my favorite makeup store, Sephora, I see a candy bar of makeup brushes. But how do you know what your basic brush needs are, and what they are used for? In this picture I created a simple visual breakdown of what brushes you use on a daily basis and labeled them for what they are made for. I also wanted to share a little bit more of a breakdown below so you know your brushes like a pro!

Powder brush-
This brush distributes a sheer wash of powder across your complexion and in the contours of your face.

Foundation Brush-
A brush that applies and blends foundation properly across your features to ensure your complexion is evenly and flawlessly covered.

Stippling Brush-
A stippling brush that perfectly applies powder, liquid, and cream foundations. This is also a wonderful tool to blend lines, pores, and create a soft base application.

Bronzed Brush-
This brush blends bronzer—or any other powder makeup—flawlessly into the skin for an even, airbrushed complexion.

Small Concealer Brush-
This brush applies and blends concealer smoothly and evenly to eyes, face, and blemishes.

Fan Brush-
This brush dusts, wipes, and re-distributes powders along your features. A great brush to highlight your skin.

Basic Eyeshadow Brush-
This versatile brush serves all your shadow needs like: lids, brow bone, and blending.

Fluffy Brush-
This brush airbrushes your eye color with its blending bristles. Perfect for your crease.

Smokey Eyeshadow Brush-
This brush applies a thick line of eye shadow to create a smoky effect.

Smudge Brush-
A brush that applies, builds, and blends eye makeup to create a range of beautiful results.

Angled Brush-
This brush defines your lids with a thin line of color. The tapered point fits perfectly along the lashline. Also great to use for a precision brow brush.

Brow Grooming Brush-
A multitasking tool that grooms, combs, blends, and defines the brows and lashes.

Lip Brush-
A synthetic-bristle lip brush that’s ideal for applying lipstick or gloss. This brush has a small applicator so that you can place your lipstick exactly where you want it.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What perfume do I Wear?

Girls are all about scented candles, delicious lipgloss, and seductive perfume. Lets face it, we are constantly wanting to smell like we just walked out of heaven! So I wanted to share with you, the 5 fragrances that I use myself for every season. Hey I show you what I wear everyday so I may as well tell you what I spray over it...lol.

  1. I am a shopaholic at Victoria Secrets. It's my absolute weakness! So I alway get the cute little sample fragrance perfumes. Which I love because they end up being the perfect thing for when I travel, I don't have to take a full sized perfume just a small little spritzer that can fly or drive with me everywhere. My favorite one is the Love is Heavenly, with a fresh light sent from water lilly and mandarin flowers... that lasts all day!
  2. Next is Victoria Secrets body mists...The one I use the most is PINK Pretty & Pure. It has a fun pink lemonade and pure jasmine fragrance, which is great for a light sent during the daytime at work. We don't want to over load people, lol! This is my everyday body mist and my number one go to.
  3. Since I loved the Pretty & Pure, I also purchased the PINK Fresh & Fierce. This body mist has a fresh water lilly and pink currant fragrance. These are great body mists that has a long lasting scent to keep you smelling cute all day ;)
  4. My friend at the salon turned me onto Sexy Little Things by Victoria Secrets. They have a wonderful smelling body mist called NOIR Summer...a seductive but sweet fragrance perfect for a night out during the summer time. Although I tend to still use it in the winter. It has a fruity and tropical white floral musk scent, so a bit more vavoom!
  5. My all time favorite fragrance is the classic Coco Chanel Mademoiselle! I got this last Christmas and save it for special occasions. This fragrance is said to smell like it captures a young and irresistible spirit. I just love how it is a strong but sweet scent. Even my husband loves it, and you know how guys are with all of our "makeup and sparkly" stuff. Haha!
So there you have it, my top five favorite perfumes that I wear! All of them can be found at either Victoria Secrets and Belks!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Check out these adorable out fit of the day picks!

December 4th

December 6th

December 7th

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Barbie Ponytail

What better way to be as girly as possible then rocking a Barbie inspired ponytail! That's exactly what I'm going to teach you how to style in the tutorial! I hope you have as much fun as I did rocking a Like totally cute hair style. Lol!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Braided Bun Mohawk

Here is a <---cute and modern way to rock a form of a mohawk! Unlike it's 
past glory ---> 
we are going to tone it down into a more sophisticated but still rebellious out of the box style. 
With a teased top and two adjacent dutch braids, they lead the way into a triplet bun mohawk! I love this look because it's not something that everyone wants to wear...thus- ORIGINALITY! Totally fun for you lovely ladies who like a bit more edge to your hair. I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Thanksgiving in California

Since my family lives in California, I have a great excuse to go there for holidays! So my husband and I flew out for 5 days to hang out with my family and enjoy the 70 degree weather for Thanksgiving!
Located in Southern California my family grew up as beach bums getting every minute at the beach that we possibly can...what a great way to grow up right? Here are a few pictures of my family and the amazing Southern California coast!

Above: Daniel 17, Me, Dakota 12, River 15
Below: Duranne (mom), River, Daniel, Greg (dad), Me, Dakota
 Below: Dakota, Me, Greg (dad), Daniel, River, Duranne (mom)

Christmas THANK YOU Giveaway!

THIS IS MY FIRST GIVE AWAY! WOOT WOOT! In celebration of being on youtube for 1 year, almost being at 100,000 views, and soon to reach 400 subscribers, I want to give back to my followers! Only ONE PERSON will win this giveaway. Here is the information on my social sites 
& the rules!

twitter: todieforXOXO
blog site: todieforblog.blogspot.com
youtube: alexsismae or lexiibarbie

1.) You have to subscribe to my youtube channel
2.) You have to be subscribed to my Twitter or like my Facebook page
3.) You have to leave a comment with an idea for a Christmas or New Years tutorial idea (you can also link a picture to a look you'd like me to show you how to style)
4.) You have to live in the USA
5.) The deadline for this giveaway is December 31st at MIDNIGHT


Sunday, December 2, 2012


I was watching a television show and saw this blonde girl come into play and realized I had a movie star twin! Now we don't look exactly alike, but we totally favor each other! Just wanted to share this because it's fun finding your celebrity look a like, isn't it ;)

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