Monday, November 5, 2012

Anniversary Photo Shoot!

My husband Shane and I got married two years ago, October 29th! This is a few of my favorite pictures from our anniversary shoot! I wore three different outfits, and my husband had two outfits. I wanted to share these with you because it's obviously a HUGE part of my life as well as a few tip pictures on position and wardrobe from yours truly! Choosing your poses are very important, but not as important as what you choose to wear and how your styled. 

Alexsis- Note that my makeup is very natural, people want to see you, not a totally outdone person. My first outfit was the white lace detailed dress, solid black tights, and black heeled boots. Second was a cream colored sweater, with white crop pants, and striped wedges. Third was a champagne lace detailed dress accented by a brown belt, warm cowboy boots, and bangle bracelets. 

Shane- As well as myself, my husband is styled like he usually wears his hair with a fo-hawk hair style and a cleaned up facial hair look. His first outfit corresponds with my dressy attire. Dressed in a black v-t shirt, and black gray pin striped slacks, with black dress shoes. Shane's second outfit was a casual white v-t shirt, slightly distressed gray jeans, and semi-casual black with white striped shoes.

TIPS:  Try tops that embrace your natural curves (Girls), create curves with belts or clothes that have a defined waist line (Girls), dark-washed jeans, black of corse, vertical stripes, simple accessories. Stay away from jean shorts, baggy clothing, super bright distracting clothing, horizontal stripes, clothing that doesn't fit, something that your not comfortable in!

Good luck at your shoot!

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