Sunday, September 30, 2012

Amber's Homecoming

I love styling people for special events such as Homecoming, it's even more fun when it's my gorgeous sister in law! Amber is wearing a rock princess black tulle dress accented by rope curls and a dark black smokey eye! 

From the makeup to hair we styled her to look flawless for a fun filled night with friends. I'm so glad to be apart of every aspect of this memory :)

(Photography done by myself)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Emmy's: Emilia Clarke's Hair

Inspired by Emilia Clarks beautiful hair style she wore to the 2012 Emmy Awards, I created this really simple and classic hair tutorial! With minimal supplies and a versatile wear,  you can take this look to a handful of event such as; work, school, prom, social event, and more! 
Hope you Enjoy!

Current Foundation Routine

As an artist we see that things can be improved. Changed for the better. Especially when it comes to new formulas and technology. For a long time I've battled with my oily skin and lack of trusted foundation to keep the shine away and make my skin look flawless and matte. That struggle is now gone thanks to these amazing new products and techniques I've learned from a MAC makeup artist that gave our salon a wonderful class about bridal beauty! Watch this tutorial and see how I apply my makeup education and what products I've come to love!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Katy Perry Ponytail

Helloooooo Katy Perry! 
How you inspire me! Here is a totally awesome hair style that Katy loves to wear on many occasions, the rocked out high pony tail! Not only does Katy like to wear this style, but at the awards and on television shows this high pony tail is becoming more and more popular. Watch this tutorial and learn how to do it in 5 minutes!

Nikki's Wedding

Another amazing wedding of a family friend that I was able to do some hair and makeup for! My gorgeous friend Nikki had me do her makeup as well as style her bridesmaids hair!

Big shout out to Karen Long who does beautiful wedding photography pictured here! Click this to see more of her work!

Hollywood Pinup Curls

What better way to wow people then  beautiful hollywood curls? Polished and classic, these curls are the staple to glamorous women during a special event! Inspired by the 1940's beauty era, this is a video to show you how easy you can step back in time!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion Inspiration

Here is something to inspire you! I paired my 14$ cream blouse with detailed pedal sleeves with an 10$ over the top antique jeweled necklace. Can you say amazing? You wouldn't think that this look cost me 24$ would you? ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hannah's Wedding

There is nothing better then making a bride smile like a princess on her wedding day! Along with Hannah's vintage inspired wedding gown and vail, we completed her vision with a pumped up curled bun and brown smokey eyes. I love these looks and how the hair compliments her small frame as does the brown smokey shadow plays up her eyes and makes her face shine under the gorgeous blonde hair!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ombre' Color

Color has taken a turn for a more grunge/organic style this year. Everywhere we look we are seeing beautiful color melting into a faded out color of it's self. As a hair stylist, we put that style or technique into our work.
 Like this picture you see one of Marie, an associate at our salon, rocking her gorgeous dark locks as it slowly melts into a golden blonde. This is a really fun way to be the best of both worlds BLONDE&BRUNETTE. A huge wow factor in the hair color world ;)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Got Stains?

Last Friday we were swamped with a day full of guests at the salon. So I'm in the break room with 5 minutes to stuff as much of my Chicken Fajita Wrap into my mouth as I can. As I'm doing so, some of the mexi-ranch takes a fast trip down the front of my beautiful white cotton lace blouse that I recently got. Total heart break right? If you've noticed when your getting your hair done us stylists are running around with no time to spare, especially when it comes down to a stain on your blouse...the show must go on. 

So I get home with no idea how to spot treat my top, thank goodness for the internet. I found out a ton of ways to take care of my clothes using house hold things. Here are some of the things I found and used:

  • Sweat Stains: White- soak with hydrogen peroxide which breaks down protein residue in sweat stains. Then spot treat with a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 baking soda into a paste which you apply with a tooth brush scrub in and let sit for 30 minutes. Wash. Colors- 2 cups water and 4 TBS white vinegar. Apply directly to stain. Wash.
  • Hair Dye: Blot stain with rubbing alcohol, use a clean white cloth or fingers. Alternatively, use hydrogen peroxide on synthetic fibers. Apply spot removers. Wash.
  • Makeup: Scrub dishwashing liquid into the makeup mark. Any brand works. Let sit for 30 minutes. Wash.
  • Lipstick: Blot with a baby wipe or a washcloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. Wash.
  • Blood: If it's fresh, blot repeatedly with cold water, an ice cube, or club soda; if it's dried, use a 3 percent hydrogen-peroxide solution.Wash.
  • Oil: Cover with talc or baby powder immediately and allow it to sit at least a half hour. Then brush it off, apply a stain remover (such as Spray n' Wash), and wash in the hottest water the fabric can stand.
  • Ink: On cotton- apply rubbing alcohol to the spot, then wash. On polyester- spray liberally with hair spray and pat with a clean, dry cloth. Then wash.
  • Red wine: Douse with salt, dunk in cold water, blot until the stain disappears, and wash as soon as possible. If you're at dinner and unable to strip down, soak the spot with club soda and get home to your washing machine ASAP.
  • Grass: soak in a solution of cool water and a laundry product containing enzymes for at least 30 minutes (and several hours for aged stains). Don't use hot water, as it will coagulate the protein and make the stain more difficult to remove.
  • BBQ & Tomato based: Soak in cool water, 1/2 -teaspoon liquid hand dishwashing detergent and 1 tablespoon vinegar for 30 minutes. Rinse. If stain remains, pre-treat area with a pre-wash stains remover, liquid laundry detergent or a paste of powdered detergent and water. Then wash in warm water. Air dry. 

Marshalls for 120$!

How much of a "super saver" are you when you're shopping for clothes? I'm the girl who will skip all the clothes in the front of the store to make a b-line for the CLEARANCE rack. Now I know what your thinking- there is a lot of ugly stuff on those racks, they are never my size, or something must be wrong with them. Well that may be very true...but one place you can always SCORE at is Marshall's

Marshalls carries brands like: Lucky Brand, American Eagle, Gap, Jessica Simpson, Free People, One Clothing, Olive & Oak...the list goes on! With blowout prices they offer the best for your money. For instance, today I purchased 10 garments that retailed for 290$, I paid 120$! 
That is a major discount of 170$!!!

If your in the mood for a new wardrobe with a limited budget or simply want to maximize your purchase check out your local Marshalls! 

Here is what I purchased :)

-2 jackets
-4 tank tops
-2 t.shirts
1-long sleeve
& 1-maxi skirt

Friday, September 7, 2012

Easy 5 Minute Fishtale Braid

Are you ready for back to school??? I know I'm glad that my school day's are over, but if your still studying away (or have a job and need a cute quick style) this is the tutorial for you! Grab your hairspray, a bobby pin or two, a clear rubber band, and possibly a curling iron.  

Before I blew my hair dry I applied It's a 10 leave in.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Day

One day you will see that your character, actions, motives, heart, goals, words, emotions, choices, and all the other things that compose your past present and future are viewed by eyes around you. Eyes that will learn to follow and act upon your output. Whether is a complete stranger who took a fancy to something about you, or a family member, a friend. There are people watching and waiting. 
Here are a few things to think about when you notice an examiner watching you, imagine what they see...

bright composure----------discouraged
inspiring---------------given up

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