Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Layering a Scarf

Even though it's summer, scarves are still a popular accessory! You just need to know when and where to wear it. Paired with other clothing items you can jazz up a plain day with some fun accessories!

In my picture you'll see that I have my hair up (long hair and a scarf is too hot in the summer) and I start with a white tank top. I love using plain basic's as a background and then add a fun two scarves. I have my favorite cheetah print scarf paired with a teal plain scarf.

 Notice that I layered my scarves, one just wasn't enough so I added some drama with two scarves of two different color schemes and lengths. I knotted the cheetah one up higher and the teal one lower giving it a descending layer. This way it makes the two pieces go together rather then sit on top of each other. 

This is just one way you can layer, check out my necklace layer post also!

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