Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Layer Necklaces

 If you've ever been on Pinterest chances are you've browsed through all the fun fashion pictures. I know I do all the time. It's a great site to find new ideas or "twists" to the wardrobe you already have. In a past post I showed you how to create your own Vintage Window Jewelry Display, I made that so all my jewelry could be on  display. I always seem to forget what I have, haha imagine that. So to tie in my Pinterest OBSESSION, I find a lot of pictures with girls layering lot's of jewelry to make one beautiful statement piece. So today you will see me putting together these three necklaces to make a strong center piece for my look. I'm doing bohemian chic, a look I love to do everyday pretty much. 

Using three necklaces with antique brass tones, I layer them on. What's great about each piece is that they are in descending length. Meaning that one will not completely cover up the other one, but rather fill the space directly below the other. Try to keep one color that is present in all so they will compliment each other, or you can use colors that are different but still compliment eachother. Like blue and green, copper and brass, silver and black.

Play around with this look, try it with bracelets and ankletts. This is a bold center piece, so don't be afraid to get creative! Have fun with it!

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