Monday, June 4, 2012

Gel Polish!!!

Most of us girls have been treated to a Nail Salon experience. I love (understatement) to get my nails done, in fact I go every 3 weeks with my friend Hannah. A day to go shopping and get a mani/pedi is the best relaxation therapy! But time after time of getting an acrylic set of fake nails put on, my own nails became extremely fragile. So when Hannah found out she was expecting, we forwent our mani's and only got pedi's. I've been letting the damaged nails grow out until there was no sign of fake nails left.

 Since I work as a Salon Professional my hands are constantly in water and wet products, so trying to keep ordinary nail polish on is clearly impossible. Thank goodness for GEL POLISH! Gel polish is designed to stay on your nails, chip and scratch free, for 2-3 weeks (or until your next visit to the nail salon). Depending on your salon you can find a few good brands of gel polish like- Shellac, OPI Gel Polish, and Gelish. My favorite is Gelish. It comes in 75+ colors, has a beautiful mirror finish, and great durability. Most importantly, there is no need for drilling on your sensitive nail bed which can lead to broken and torn nails and is easily removed by soaking it off in the Gelish remover solution. 

This is a perfect solution to having beautiful healthy nails! Try it out yourself!

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