Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cute Girl Braids

How cute are these girls and their braids? Lot's of mothers bring their little girls into the salon, which I absolutely love because what little girl would say NO to having their hair done? Not a So these two got some really fun and creative braids. 

The first one has two french braids going into fun little buns and is accented with a bow braid. She has naturally curly hair so that's why I chose to do little buns in the back instead of braiding it all the way down. Her little curls are like a fountain of fun!

The second little girl has a dutch braid that I started in the front with a side part and brought around to the back creating a spiral effect. I also pulled out the braid making it "pancake" as it's called. 
She told me that she was going home to practice this on her American Girl doll :)

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