Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Print Work

Here is some work I got to do for our local modeling agency. I LOVE doing print work hair and makeup, it's so much fun! In this shoot I did the ladies hair.

Cute Girl Braids

How cute are these girls and their braids? Lot's of mothers bring their little girls into the salon, which I absolutely love because what little girl would say NO to having their hair done? Not a So these two got some really fun and creative braids. 

The first one has two french braids going into fun little buns and is accented with a bow braid. She has naturally curly hair so that's why I chose to do little buns in the back instead of braiding it all the way down. Her little curls are like a fountain of fun!

The second little girl has a dutch braid that I started in the front with a side part and brought around to the back creating a spiral effect. I also pulled out the braid making it "pancake" as it's called. 
She told me that she was going home to practice this on her American Girl doll :)

Layering a Scarf

Even though it's summer, scarves are still a popular accessory! You just need to know when and where to wear it. Paired with other clothing items you can jazz up a plain day with some fun accessories!

In my picture you'll see that I have my hair up (long hair and a scarf is too hot in the summer) and I start with a white tank top. I love using plain basic's as a background and then add a fun two scarves. I have my favorite cheetah print scarf paired with a teal plain scarf.

 Notice that I layered my scarves, one just wasn't enough so I added some drama with two scarves of two different color schemes and lengths. I knotted the cheetah one up higher and the teal one lower giving it a descending layer. This way it makes the two pieces go together rather then sit on top of each other. 

This is just one way you can layer, check out my necklace layer post also!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I am currently decorating my house in a costal theme, but all the places I go to have such expensive prices on simple decor, like a candle holder for $80! So what better thing to do then go by your local thrift store and see what diamond in the rough you can find?! In this case I got 

-an old book
-frames (with glass)
-multi surface spray paint
-a sponge
-a plastic shallow bowl

and turned it into the picture above! I only paid 12$ for the entire project! So read along and I will show you how to make these beautiful and easy pictures.

1) First find some frames that you like. Take out the backing and glass and place that to the side. Then get your spray paint, I'm using Rust-Oleum found at Home Depot for 6$. Spray the frames one time, allow to dry then spray them once more. Allow to dry. 

I used cardboard boxes on the grass so I don't get paint every where.

2) Below you can see all the things I listed above. I am using the backing out of the frame to be where I place my book pages. Don't worry about any imperfections in the backing, you wont be able to tell.

3) Taking your Elmers Glue, fill your bowl with a little bit of water then add in glue. It should look like the picture to the right (a milky consistency).

4) Rip out pages from your book. You can rip up your pages and also burn the edges of the paper for more detail. But be careful, it can get dangerous.

5) Place your book pages around exactly where you want them. I do this so I know a layout, then take a picture with my phone so I can get it to look perfect.

6) Using your sponge, wet the back of your book page and backing with the glue.

7) Apply. Do this all over until you get all your pages glued on.

8) Below you can see I have finished laying down and gluing my book pages, so now I'm going to let this dry.

9) When it dries, use scissors to cut any pages hanging over your backing.

10) Then put frame back together, and place your art inside!

11) If you want to get creative, get some acrylic paint and add some art work onto the glass. ( I did it on the glass so if I messed up or wanted to change it later on I could wipe it off.)



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Christy's Wedding -Bridesmaids

Weddings are my absolute favorite event to style! I love the beautiful hair, all the different visions that a bride and bridesmaid has. Weddings are an event that you can really have fun with! At Christy's wedding she allowed her maids to wear their hair how they wanted with two rules, No reaching to Jesus crazy high hair, and it all goes up. That's a great guide line because all the girls have different face shapes and each style they chose really complimented them.

Above, she got a Taylor Swift inspired look with lot's of curls swept into an effortless bun.

Above, she got a Jessica Alba inspired updo with big messy curls from the front going all the way into the back. We pinned it up so that the curls were loose and looked almost like they were just floating there. A very organic style.

Above, and my last bridesmaid told me..."Do what ever you think would look good." So since the others primarily wanted curls we took her look a different direction. She has lot's of layering in her hair so I chose a braided updo to keep all her hair up guaranteeing a nightlong beautiful hairstyle.

There are so many inspiring hairstyle that can be done for special events like this. Make sure you look around and find the perfect one for you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Local Fashion Show

Here are photo's of a Fashion Event held at our salon featuring a Bridal Designer. I designed each hair style to represent with each piece so that it directly added to the dress, and I love how the hair turned out and complimented the couture bridal clothing!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Layer Necklaces

 If you've ever been on Pinterest chances are you've browsed through all the fun fashion pictures. I know I do all the time. It's a great site to find new ideas or "twists" to the wardrobe you already have. In a past post I showed you how to create your own Vintage Window Jewelry Display, I made that so all my jewelry could be on  display. I always seem to forget what I have, haha imagine that. So to tie in my Pinterest OBSESSION, I find a lot of pictures with girls layering lot's of jewelry to make one beautiful statement piece. So today you will see me putting together these three necklaces to make a strong center piece for my look. I'm doing bohemian chic, a look I love to do everyday pretty much. 

Using three necklaces with antique brass tones, I layer them on. What's great about each piece is that they are in descending length. Meaning that one will not completely cover up the other one, but rather fill the space directly below the other. Try to keep one color that is present in all so they will compliment each other, or you can use colors that are different but still compliment eachother. Like blue and green, copper and brass, silver and black.

Play around with this look, try it with bracelets and ankletts. This is a bold center piece, so don't be afraid to get creative! Have fun with it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poof Pony Tail-Fan Picture

Here is a awesome picture of Lara wearing a poofed pony tail!!! I love it!
Check out the tutorial so you can rock one too :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Edgy Clothing Site!

Today I was looking at my Facebook newsfeed and a friend of mine posted a picture of a skull lace dress and of corse I went to check it out. The site took me to a really edgy clothing company called Premonition Designs. I would call the clothing "angelic vampire-esk." With complicated designs, beautiful quality stitching, rich fabrics, and show stopping architecture this clothing line can bring your wardrobe to a high fashion level! I posted a few items that caught my eye...

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