Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recent Event Styles I've Done...

To keep you up to date with what I've been doing as a salon professional, here are some of my guests at the salon whom I've had to privilege to work with!

This is Hannah, one of the wonderful girls that I work with. We love to play with braids and things with her hair. This style was a combination of different braids going into a curly bun.

The picture below is the salons beautiful receptionist, Monica. We played up her usual mascara routine with some natural brown shadows and enhancing lipshine.

We also gave Monica some very subtle highlights to break up her natural color and make it seem that her hair has been kissed by the sun!

Above is a rope braid accent done on yours truely. This is a fun way to vamp up your hair!

Here is Camille, we did a super curly bun for her prom. I love this style because it looks beautiful on everybody, and really you can't go wrong with it!

The picture below is when I was able to teach a class at a Paul Mitchell School, and this lovely lady was my model. She started out with dirty blonde hair a bit longer then her shoulders with no shape or style. We took her to an elevated level with an edgy bob matched with straight across bangs, platinum blonde hair with a really fun green streak! I absolutely love this!

To the top and bottom is my lovely bride Victoria! Her fiance' is Indian, so she was able to participate in a beautiful traditional Indian Wedding. You should see her was breathtaking! Because of her shorter length of hair, we styled her up with soft curls and it really showed of her beautiful hair color!

Last but not least to the bottom, we have Miss Joy. Her usual color was lacking vibrancy and spunk, so we vamped up the color with a beautiful red accented by golden highlights.  

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